Gifts for wine lovers
Gift Guide: Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wondering what to get someone who loves wine? From the Wine Newbie to the Cocktail Connoisseur, here are the perfect gifts for wine lovers.

Best Black Friday wine deals 2021
2021 Black Friday Wine Deals

Whether you’re a wine beginner or seasoned sipper, here are the best Black Friday wine deals for wine lovers alike. 

How to open a bottle of wine
How to Open a Bottle of Wine

Grab your corkscrew and your favorite Bright Cellars wine – we’re teaching you how to open a bottle of wine with a corkscrew.

Winter wines: red wine favorites
Winter Wine: The Best Winter Reds

There’s nothing like cozying up next to a fire with a glass of winter wine in hand. Here are the best red wines for winter!

How to read a wine label
How to Read a Wine Label

Deciphering wine labels can be downright confusing. Today we’re teaching you how to read a wine label in four easy steps.

How to taste wine with Master Wine Educator
How to Taste Wine

How to Taste Wine in 3 Easy Steps Anyone can drink wine, but tastin’ wine ain’t easy. In order to fully understand and appreciate a wine we must truly taste it, and…

Palisade, CO vineyards with Books Cliff in the background
Have You Ever Visited a Vineyard?

There are some experiences that are simply irreplaceable when it comes to wine.  We asked our Bright Cellars’ community, “Have you ever visited a vineyard?” and here are the results. THE RESULTS…