4 Hacks for Your Leftover Wine

Sometimes we all fail at finishing a bottle of wine. Whether it be the result of an exhausting day, having gone back for seconds at dinner (guilty…), or you simply just can’t take another sip, don’t let that leftover wine give you  regret. No matter the reason, use these 4 hacks to ease your stress in knowing that you can enjoy that bottle the next night.


1. Create wine cubes to keep your wine cool.

Think of this first hack like a broth cube. But ditch the broth and add wine instead. Then freeze it. And voilà it becomes a magnificent frozen wine cube. Now stay with me here. Wine cubes are extremely versatile, and I’m about to blow your mind with these clever hacks.

First thing first: use wine cubes to keep your glass of wine chilled longer. Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds. Simply pour your leftover wine into an ice tray and freeze it overnight. Then, the next time you pop open that same bottle of wine, you’re able to keep it ~chill~ without watering it down with plain old (lame) ice cubes. #Winning


2. Make some popsicles for a hot summer day.

This next hack takes wine cubes to a whole new level. Meet wine popsicles (aka The Mega Wine Cube). Similar to making a wine cube, all you really need is a popsicle mold. Pour the leftover wine in as is, or get creative and start adding sprite, ginger ale, lemonade, pomegranate juice, or whatever your taste buds desire! You can even get fancy and add fresh fruit to the mold or dip the popsicle in dark chocolate. Look at you. Oh so fancy.


3. Sip on a smoothie.

Now that you’ve mastered the freezer, let’s get into something more complex. The blender. Use this magical kitchen tool to turn those wine cubes into a refreshing slushie. Just drop a few in the blender, add in some frozen fruit, sparkling wine, and blend away. It’s like a smoothie, but better. It’s a wine smoothie. I mean, wine is technically just grape juice anyway, right?


4. Add it to food and become a master chef.

I saved this hack for last because it’s a classic since you can never go wrong putting a splash of wine in the pan. Whether you’re cooking meat, pasta, veggies, chili, or even soup, it’s an ingredient that can easily enhance the flavor of any dish. If you have a bottle of white or sparkling wine lying around, try adding some to a vegetable soup or chowder. If all you have is red, experiment with it in some chili or stew. Anything with a tomato or beef base will pair extremely well. Be sure to start off small and add a splash of wine, taste the food, and then add more wine if needed. There’s no going back if you add too much all at once. But if you do, there’s no judgment here.



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