9 Tips for Hosting a Stylish Outdoor Wine Night

How to Host a Trendy Outdoor Wine Night 

Let’s be honest – after the year we’ve had, we owe it to ourselves to take full advantage of this summer. As we ease into our “new normal,” we’re holding onto the comforts of home, plus the novelty of a stylish outdoor wine night with friends. 

We’re sharing all our favorite tips and tricks for hosting a wine night in your backyard, at the park, or on a rooftop. As long as you bring your wine outside, you’re set! 

Instead of heading out to the crowded bars, meeting friends for happy hour, or spending money at your local wine bar, here are 9 tips for hosting an outdoor wine night right in your own backyard. 

1. Make sure everyone has a seat at the table. 

Whether you’re hosting in your backyard, on your killer patio, on the beach, or at the park, make sure there is seating available for everyone. Patio sets, lawn chairs, and picnic tables are perfect.  

If you’re heading to a grassy area or sitting in the sand, bring a big enough blanket or quilt so everyone has a place to relax. Fun hack: if you don’t want to lug lawn chairs, bring seat cushions! You can find them anywhere, but IKEA has some classic options that are very affordable. 

If you want to take it a step further, make custom place settings for your guests with name cards! 

2. Set the vibe.

The goal? Wine wonderland. Think twinkle lights, cozy blankets, vases, candles – whatever little tchotchkes you can think of to elevate the mood. 

If you’re looking for some wine night decor, we recommend looking into Paddywax candles. This Nashville, TN, company makes candles that set the tone for memories to be made! Use code BRIGHT10 for 10% off your purchase from now until August 31, 2021. 

If you’re thinking of doing a full outdoor wine tasting, we suggest keeping the candles unlit. After all, aroma accounts for 85% of the tasting experience! 

3.  Select wines with the group in mind.

When selecting wine for your outdoor evening, match the crowd size to the number of bottles. We recommend providing an assortment of white and red, plus a bottle or two of sparkling wine

If you’re planning on hosting a full wine tasting, check out our blog post with more how-to’s on selecting the right wine for your party. 

4. Choose your glasses wisely. 

It goes without saying, but make sure you have enough glasses for everyone in attendance, specific to the wine being served. Universal wine glasses are a great option for both red and white, while Champagne flutes are a must if you’re planning on popping some bubbly. It doesn’t hurt to have a few extras on hand! Oh, and don’t forget water glasses. 

If you’re packing up and heading to the park or the beach, opt for wine tumblers! Our friends at Brümate have a wide variety of wine insulators, tumblers, and portable glasses that are perfect for on-the-go. 

5. Don’t forget your corkscrew!

If you remember anything from this blog post, it should be this. Whether you’re taking a trip to the backyard or packing up for the park, don’t forget a corkscrew! 

If you do somehow leave your trusty gadget behind, there are a few other ways to open your wine using household items. You can even use a shoe and a tree. To be on the safe side, we’d recommend a corkscrew, so make sure to add it to the list! 

6. Serve wine at the proper temperature. 

Keep white wines and water chilled in a drink caddy with ice. Red wines look lovely displayed in a wooden crate or decorative bucket. 

7. Don’t forget the snacks!

There’s nothing like grazing on a charcuterie board with a glass of wine in hand! Don’t forget to provide some light snacks for your guests. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve created a full guide on how to make a show stopping charcuterie board in three easy steps. Otherwise, bowls of chex mix, nuts, or trail mix are easy to transport. Pizza is always a great option too! 

If your fluffy friends are planning on joining the event (or running around in the backyard causing chaos), try making a barkuterie board! 

8. Make sure there’s water available. 

Ensure there are pitchers, carafes, or bottles of water for your guests to hydrate. If you’re planning on doing a full wine tasting, your guests can use the carafes to swish out glasses between tastings. 

9. Plan for transportation home 

We always recommend grabbing an Uber or Lyft home or assigning a designated driver. Heck, set up a tent and turn this outdoor wine night into an adult sleepover! That way you can enjoy a fun night with friends without worrying about how everyone’s getting home. 

In Vino Finito 

Let’s make summer 2021 the summer of outdoor wine nights! Do these tips and tricks make you want to invite friends over? Let us know in the comments!

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