Your new fall drink: Meet Aperol Spritz. It’s been waiting for you.

Aperol Spritz has been declared the go-to drink of the fall. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Spritz what?” Fortunately, I’ve dedicated a bit of time researching and (just a bit more time) taste-testing this delicious beverage to make sure we’ve got the right proportions. Although it was time-consuming and a bit of a brain teaser to get it just right, I’d gladly do it all again to help out readers like you. Anything for the job, right?

So, what exactly is an Aperol Spritz? It’s that orange drink that you’ve most likely seen all over your Instagram feed. It’s bubbly and looks fruity. (From my personal experience I can vouch that it is, indeed, fruity magic.) It’s made from combining sparkling wine, Aperol (an orange-flavored Italian aperitif) and white soda. Its popularity traces back to the post-World War One period in Italy. Today, it’s still mainly enjoyed in Italy and Germany as a light pre-meal drink, but it’s seeing a big surge in the U.S. and other countries.

Here’s the recipe I worked diligently on, all last night. Feel free to alter as desired, but I promise it’s pretty tasty as is.

Ingredients needed:

1 bottle of Aperol. You should be able to find this in a large-scale liqueur store near you.

1 bottle of Prosecco. You can also swap this out for other wines, like Pinot Grigio if you don’t  want as many bubbles.

1 bottle of white soda. Any white soda will work, but I used Sprite for this recipe.

This recipe uses a standard pitcher (which holds 2 quarts) and will yield 8 glasses.

To begin, grab your pitcher. Fill it about ⅔ full with Prosecco. Then, take the Aperol and pour it slowly in the pitcher following a clockwise, circular motion for two full turns. At this point, your drink should be just an inch or two from the rim. Top off the mixture with white soda and mix well. Enjoy this bubbly drink with ice and a slice of orange.

Looking for a single serving of this light cocktail to enjoy on the patio with your favorite book? Grab a glass instead of a pitcher. Fill the glass first with ice, then pour 3 parts Prosecco and 2 parts Aperol. Top it off with a splash of soda and garnish with an orange slice.


For more information about Aperol, check out the company’s website here.





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