Brand Spotlight: Dead Stars & Black Holes Pinot Grigio

Bright Cellars’ Dead Stars & Black Holes Pinot Grigio

It’s time our sustainably grown Pinot Grigio had some time in the spotlight. Our Dead Stars & Black Holes Pinot Grigio is a premium Californian white with flavors of grapefruit, lemon, green apple, and pineapple. 

Bright Cellars’ Dead Stars & Black Holes Pinot Grigio.

Dead Stars & Black Holes 

Earth is the only planet that can grow wine, therefore we must protect it. To make matters worse, wine production is severely threatened by climate change. With our Dead Stars & Black Holes wines, we hope to play a part in keeping winemaking sustainable. Because dead planets can’t grow wine. 


Dead Stars & Black Holes Pinot Grigio

Moody, mysterious, and deliciously crisp, Dead Stars & Black Holes is one of those wines that makes you realize how vast the world really is. Sourced and sustainably harvested in California, this white wine puts it all into perspective. It’s meant to be sipped thoughtfully and enjoyed consciously. 

This premium Californian white showcases flavors of grapefruit, lemon, and a hint of tropical pineapple. With bracing acidity and a comfortable ABV of 12.2%, this Pinot Grigio is perfect for casual sipping. 


Grown in the Golden State 

They call it the Golden State for a reason – Cali’s abundant sunshine lays the groundwork for a long, consistent grape growing season. With an abundance of interesting soils and terroirs, almost 90% of the country’s wine comes from California. 


Sustainably Harvested in California 

Dead Stars & Black Holes is one of our debut sustainably grown wines. Vineyards across California have begun to adopt the practice of sustainable winemaking, and the team at Bright Cellars couldn’t be more excited to support these practices. 

In short, sustainable growing practices protect and prolong our resources, specifically the soil, air, and water used to grow wine grapes. 

Not only does this socially and environmentally sound commitment benefit the land, but it also tends to produce higher quality wines. 

Sustainable growing techniques include water conservation, improving energy efficiency, maintaining healthy soil, consciously protecting air and water quality, responsible waste management, and keeping local ecosystems and habitats in mind while growing. 

In this sphere of thought, sustainability also means being a good neighbor. Appreciating, fairly compensating, and respecting employees also falls under the umbrella of sustainability within the wine industry.



We love pairing this delicious white with all things fresh – think veggies, sushi, tilapia. Meals on the lighter side pair perfectly with this crisp white. 


In Vino Finito 

Start enjoying our Dead Stars & Black Holes Pinot Grigio by requesting it in your next box! Just reach out to our Wine Concierge Team at 

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