By the Numbers: What is the First Wine Activity You Want to do Post-COVID?

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Post-COVID Wine Activities

COVID has really put a damper on 2020! This week we asked the Glass Half Full community what is the first wine activity you want to do post-COVID? There are many different post-COVID wine activities and it was so hard to pick just one!

This question was inspired by us daydreaming of when we get to have wine tastings in the office again or when we can take a wine-inspired vacation. We hope it inspired you to daydream a little bit too!

We asked the Bright Cellars team what they wanted to do post-COVID and many could not wait until they can start traveling again! Many said that they were excited to explore some of the regions where we source our wines. 

The Results

Like us, many of you wanted to start traveling as well! But let’s be honest any wine-related activity would be perfect right now. Here are the results:

  • 11.3% of respondents said they want to tour a vineyard post-COVID.
  • 22.1%of respondents said they want to attend a guided wine tasting.
  • 22.1% of respondents said they want to indulge in a fancy wine pairing dinner.
  • 44.6% of respondents said they want to take a vacation to their favorite wine region.

All of these post-COVID activities sound amazing! We are starting to get fidgety just thinking about all the wine-fun to come! But, for now, here are some ways to recreate these activities at home!

We also asked our Bright Cellars’ Instagram followers this question. The majority of respondents said they want to take a vacation to their favorite wine region! Here are some of our favorite responses. 

  • Go on my honeymoon!
  • Drink wine with all my friends!
  • Bring back the happy hour specials!
  • All of the above (We felt this one)

In Vino Finito

There are so many adventures to go on and memories to make! We know these times are uncertain but we’re thankful for our Glass Half Full community! Stay strong, wine lovers!

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