What We’re Consuming: The Creole Resolution

creole cocktail
creole cocktail

When most people think about a creole cocktail they automatically picture a classic New Orleans Sazerac, or maybe even a Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane. However, the winos in our office have a different go-to French Creole concoction. Meet the Creole Resolution. Fruity and sweet, sipping on this sparkling cocktail will transport you to a jazzy night on Frenchmen Street.


1 sugar cube

¼ oz. Grenadine

1 oz. Lillet Blanc

3 oz. Champagne, chilled

1 orange twist


  1. Chill a champagne flute in which to serve your fancy cocktail.
  2. Place the sugar cube in the bottom of the flute and add the grenadine to the glass.
  3. Let the grenadine soak with the sugar cube.
  4. Pour the Lillet Blanc over the saturated sugar cube.
  5. Carefully fill the rest of your glass with Champagne try not to let it bubble over!
  6. Garnish with the orange twist to add a pop of color.

Pair this cocktail with some fresh or fried seafood. The sweet effervescence of the Creole Resolution will really complement raw oysters or shrimp. Raw fish not your cup of sweet tea? Try preparing Oysters Rockefeller or replacing the raw shrimp with a grilled shrimp salad. Regardless of your meal pairing, make sure you invite the King of Jazz to your table.



Source: Food and Wine



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Our staff is full of passionate wine lovers. With our amazing sommeliers at the helm, we’ve been schooled on all things wine. We came together to write this article, in hopes of spreading a little wine-ducation with you.

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