What I’m Drinking: Dancing Juice

I’m at work right now. It’s Friday. I work for a wine company, so I can drink at work. I’m listening to The Roots, drinking La Cueca Sauvignon Blanc and thinking about wine. I’m also thinking about being 30 years old. And I’m thinking about how my back hurts. And I’m thinking about how those things may be related.

I chose to indulge in Sauv Blanc because, simply put, it’s delicious. It’s summer, the wine is cold and it’s refreshing as hell. The great thing about Sauvignon Blanc is its versatility, every bottle has a variety of flavors. I have yet to find a New Zealand Sauv Blanc that I dislike. I love the grassy, fresh vegetal flavors from Marlborough.  But, that’s not the taste profile I’m in the mood for right now. (There is a joke here comparing Marlborough Whites to Marlboro Reds, but I can’t work it out.) Sometimes you’re 30, and you’re still at work, and you can’t find a punchline, and you’re looking for a delicious wine that pairs well with deep introspection and the inevitability of aging. I’m drinking La Cueca, because it’s sharp and full of acid.  Which is a little bit how I feel in general.

Don’t let my sullen tone fool you. This is not a Hemingway situation. There’s a reason he drank hard liquor, and it may or may not be related to him also being a genius. I’m a generally positive guy with a bright outlook, who instead of being at a 10, is gently humming at an 8. It may not be a $95 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, but this La Cueca Sauvignon Blanc from Chile is still a Sauvignon Blanc. On this

hot afternoon, this fruit-forward, chilled white wine is exactly what my depleting energy level and mental state needs. This wine is called Dancing Juice. I repeat, this wine is called Dancing Juice.

As I start paragraph four, I can feel my outlook lifting. Maybe it’s the thought of a beautiful Chilean couple spilling their dancing juice as they laugh and twirl on their veranda, to a vinyl record slowly spinning in the corner. Maybe it’s the thought that 30 really isn’t so bad and I’m glad to not be living in a cramped apartment anymore and that I luckily avoided dating apps altogether. Maybe it’s because it’s summer. And I’ve almost finished a delicious glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc. And the rest of the bottle is still waiting for me in the fridge.



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  1. its not very sweet, i find it something i can not swollow!! so not haooy with my bright cellars subscription or the wines i was paired with from the quiz!!

    1. Hi Shelvia! We’re sorry you didn’t enjoy Dancing Juice. Reach out to our Wine Concierge team at concierge@brightcellars.com or give them a call at (844) 223-5527. They will be able to help you find wines you’ll love in your next box. Thanks for reading!

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