Do You Prefer Dry or Sweet Wine?

dry or sweet wine

Oftentimes people are quite opinionated on the debate of dry wine vs. sweet wine. We wanted to settle the debate once and for all, so we asked our Bright Cellars’ community, “do you prefer dry or sweet wine?” and here are the results.


  • 61.7% of respondents chose “I like my wines dry with little to no residual sugar.”
  • 17.5% of respondents said “I like my wines sweet with more residual sugar.”
  • 20.8% of respondents chose “I like both depending on the day!” 

We also asked our Bright Cellars Instagram community and got some honest responses that made us chuckle: 

  • A little of both!
  • Exclusively dry
  • BOTH!
  • The dryer the better 
  • I like both, but usually sweeter when it comes to rosé
  • Dry only! 

First off, let’s make sure you know the truth about sugar in wine. There is a bit of a perception that wine drinkers start off with sweet wine, and then progress to dry. While this can be the case for some peoples’ wine journey, it’s definitely not an assumption we should put stock in. 

We’ve always known dry wines were more popular among our readers – Cabernet Sauvignon is always a crowd favorite. It was interesting to discover, however, that a larger percentage drink both sweet and dry wine than just sweet wine. 


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