How to Hold A Wine Glass

How to hold a wine glass

How To Hold A Wine Glass Like You Know What You’re Doing 

When it comes to how to hold a wine glass, there is technically a “right way” and a “wrong way” (or as we like to call it, a “not-so-right way”.)

Let’s get one thing straight – we are far from the Wine Glass Holding Police. We would never judge you for how you sip your wine! We’d rather hype you up, no matter how you choose to indulge.

But if you’re in the camp of doing things by the book, we’re happy to teach you our fancy, wine drinking ways.

How to Properly Hold a Wine Glass

When sipping a glass of wine, the proper way is to hold it by the stem between your thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger. Your other fingers can just rest naturally on the base. 

If you’re wondering how to hold a champagne glass or how to hold a red wine glass, they’re the same! This is the standard for all styles of wine, whether you’re drinking red, white, or rosé. 

Why should I hold my wine glass by the stem?

Two reasons: first, you’re much less likely to affect the temperature of the wine. Holding it by the stem keeps the wine cool and keeps your palm from transferring body heat to the wine.

Second, it just looks fancier. It’s the more natural equivalent to sipping ‘pinky up.’

It also allows you to swirl your wine, releasing aromas and aerating the wine in your glass. 

Now that you know how to hold a glass of wine, make sure you’ve got the right wine glasses! You could also take this opportunity to brush up on your tasting vocabulary

In Vino Finito

Will this change how you sip your wine in the future? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. I understand the logistics of the holding, but I do applaud your final note that it is an individual thing. I have found I prefer stems as opposed to stemless. And I also remember , about 6 decades ago now, watching Paladin drink wine at his friend’s vineyard out of a mason type jar. I have had to do that on occasion.

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