How To Keep It Fresh

All good things must come to an end; but that doesn’t mean we can’t delay the end as much as possible (ESPECIALLY when that good thing happens to be wine).

In a previous post that you can read here, I discussed why bad things happen to good vino. Now that we know the repugnant details about why our cherished leftover wine goes bad, it’s time to talk about what we can do to keep it around as long as possible. Or you can share the entire bottle immediately as a precautionary measure to avoid the very concept of “leftover wine.” Either works.

So, imagine you have leftover wine (and while we are indulging imaginary situations, I would like to inform you that I am engaged to NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and we live in a Disneyworld castle with 45 golden retriever puppies).  Anyway, getting back to reality, what can you do to make this wine last as long as possible?

Keep It Cool

White and even red wines last much longer after opening when they are refrigerated. The cold temperatures of the refrigerator slow down chemical processes like oxidation (air being introduced to the wine, causing fast degradation).  Make a point to keep the temperature in the refrigerator constant, as the cork changes shape when the temperature changes, once again exposing the wine to oxygen. To warm up the red wines, run the bottle under lukewarm water.

Put A Cork In It

It is very important to re-cork wines, especially reds, between every pour to avoid oxidation. (I know we need it to breathe and exist, or whatever, but oxygen is really putting a damper on my whole ‘I want my wine to last an eternity’ idea right now). Also, by storing the wine horizontally even before opening, the cork will be moistened by the wine; this preserves the seal, keeps air out, and prevents the cork from being dry and flakey when opened.

Put It Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Along with oxygen, the sun is another one of wine’s sworn enemies. If wine is stored somewhere in which the sun is able to penetrate the bottle, the chemical composition of the wine may be changed. Basements are a good place for wine, as the environment is similar to a dark, cool cellar.

How Long It Can Last:

  • White Wine: Anywhere from 2-3 days to a week when refrigerated.
  • Red Wine: Up to 5 days if sealed between pours.
  • Sparkling Wine: Should be consumed within 24 hours even when refrigerated.

That’s all for today! Read my last post about WHY your wine goes bad here. Stay tuned for my next post on Thursday! It will cross all boundaries and explore something that we all thought was impossible. It may just be the greatest love story ever told.




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