Is Sparkling Wine Just For Special Occasions?

Do People Only Drink Sparkling Wine on Special Occasions? 

Answer: not necessarily. Some people may think bubbly is only appropriate for sipping on New Year’s Eve, clinking at a wedding, or spraying at the Super Bowl. On the contrary, this fizzy drink is consumed more often than you might think – no special occasion needed. 

The Results 

Here are the results for how often people drink sparkling wine, according to our readers: 

  • 8.6% of respondents said “Frequently, sparkling wine is my favorite!”
  • 15.6% of respondents said “Regularly, I prefer sparkling wine.”
  • 37.1% of respondents said “Rarely, it’s only for special occasions.” 
  • 38.6% of respondents said “Occasionally, I enjoy a glass when I feel like it.”

We also asked our Bright Cellars Instagram community, and almost one third of respondents reported that sparkling wine is their favorite… cheers to that! 

Though the winemaking process is quite complex, sparkling wine is actually one of the most versatile wines. Not to mention, it’s easy to pair with many different kinds of food. When you boil it down, sparkling wines lack tannin and have high acidity. Because of this, they cleanse your palate, much like a soda or beer would. These characteristics make sparkling wine much easier to pair than reds or whites. 

Lucky for all our bubbly lovers out there, Bright Cellars now offers sparkling as a premium option, so you can order bottles separate from your monthly order. To order, just reach out to and let them know you’d like to get in on the sparkling. 


As the season of sparkling approaches, remember – Tuesday is just as good a day as any  to pop a bottle of bubbly! 

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