Met Gala 2021 Looks As Wine Bottles

Met Gala 2021 Best Looks as Wine

The Best Met Gala 2021 Looks as Bright Cellars Wine 

If your feeds are anything like ours, they’ve been flooded with Met Gala 2021 highlights (we’re not complaining). As we were scrolling, we couldn’t help but draw some connections between this year’s best Met gala looks and our Bright Cellars wine labels. 

Inspiration can come from many places, and there was no shortage of inspiration surrounding the Met Gala 2021 theme, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.”

Here are this year’s best Met Gala looks as Bright Cellars wine bottles. 

Billie Eilish & Dreamlet Sweet Wine

Billie Eilish Met Gala
Dreamlet Sweet Wine









We paired Billie’s romantic Marilyn moment with Dreamlet Sweet Wine. These far-out California wines bring color to the palate and take your taste buds on a mind-bending trip of kaleidoscopic flavor.

Gorgeously sweet and ripe, our Dreamlet Sweet Wine shows flavors of ripe stone fruits like apricot and peach alongside perfumed floral notes of orange blossom and honeysuckle.

Kim K & Vanishing Act Pinot Noir 

Kim Kardashian Met Gala looks always seem to take centerstage, and this year was no different. We’ve got to be honest – we chuckled when we came up with this wine pairing. Kim Kardashian’s iconic all-black moment is none other than our Vanishing Act Pinot Noir. This bottle is sure to mysteriously vanish without a trace, much like our looming shadow friend Kim. 

A classic Oregon Pinot Noir, our Vanishing Act Pinot is fruit-forward and well-balanced with medium body and silky tannins. You’ll notice aromas of strawberry, cherry, fresh mushroom, and cedar on the finish.

Every layer of Lil Nas X’s gold trio reminds us of our gold-rush-inspired Corsa All’Oro Pinot Grigio

The epitome of crisp and dry, our Corsa All’Oro Pinot Grigio is light in body with bracing acidity. This Italian white wine flaunts flavors of tart citrus and orchard fruits which are balanced by ripe peach and a touch of minerality.

Tessa Thompson & Folk & Fable Red Blend 2019

Tessa Thompson’s ruby red ensemble is the stuff of legends, much like Bright Cellars’ Folk & Fable Red Blend. Smooth, smoky, and jammy, Folk & Fable will challenge your expectations of what a wine can be. 

Aged for three months in Bourbon barrels, our Folk & Fable Red Blend is bold and smoky, with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove on the nose and ripe fruits on the palate.

Yara Shahidi & Dark Turn Petite Syrah 

Yara Shahidi definitely understood the assignment, and the assignment was Dark Turn Petite Syrah. Moody, mysterious, and celestial, this pairing is a toast to the moon’s influence. 

Made from 100% biodynamically grown Petite Sirah grapes, our Dark Turn Petite Syrah is all dark fruit on the nose and palate, with notes of plum, blackberry, and black pepper especially prominent.

Lupita Nyong’o & Chêne Crémeux 

Can we hear a little commotion for the denim? Lupita Nyong’o is the embodiment of our newly released Chêne Crémeaux Chardonnay. Chêne Crémeaux wines celebrate simple perfection, as evidenced by Lupita’s denim moment. 

Rich and creamy in texture, this buttery Chardonnay is bursting with ripe fruit flavors of pineapple, peach, and melon with bright, acidic citrus maintaining balance on the palate.

Emily Blunt & Dead Stars and Black Holes Pinot Grigio 

As soon as we saw the headpiece, we knew. Emily Blunt’s radiant ode to the stars is nothing short of ethereal and reminds us of our Dead Stars and Black Holes sustainable Pinot Grigio

Sustainably grown, this Californian Pinot Grigio is deliciously crisp and showcases flavors of grapefruit and lemon with a hint of tropical pineapple. Bracing acidity.

Rosalia & Sophonisba Pinot Noir 

We love Rosalia’s deep toned, cascading statement because it reminds us of the beloved Sophonisbas for which our Pinot Noir was named. Powerful and feminine, our exquisite Sophonisba Pinot Noirs embody the unique strength and delicacy of women – The Wonder of Women. The deep tones embody the rich experience that comes to those who have patience with Pinot Noir.

Our Sophonisba Pinot Noir hails from Santa Maria Valley, California, and is medium in body with soft tannins and punchy acidity. Red fruit flavors of raspberry and cherry dominate, balanced with vanilla and spice from oak aging.

Normani & Humdrum Viognier 

Humdrum Viognier walked so Normani could run. We love the bold colors and billowing fabric, but most of all, we love that Normani’s Met Gala look escapes predictability and rejects mediocrity. How very Humdrum of her! 

This warm climate Viognier boasts ripe, tropical fruit flavors on both the nose and palate accompanied by lifted citrus notes and aromatic floral elements. Stick around for the crisp, minerally finish that is anything but average. 

Rihanna & Nihilist Syrah 

Riri’s iconic style needs no explaining, much like our Nihilist Syrah. Nihilist wines encourage us to trust our taste, and nothing else. 

Nihilist Syrah is big, bold, and oaky, with all dark fruits on the nose and palate. Think notes of bramble berries and stone fruits like black raspberry and black cherry. Grippy tannins pull you in and leave you wanting another taste. 

Lorde & Batik Chenin Blanc

Lorde’s delicate gown is upcycle inspiration, featuring objects like pressed pennies, charms, and gemstones. Much like Lorde’s gown, Batik wines are complex and colorful, with patterns drawing inspiration from a blend of cultures. 

This California Chenin Blanc is dominated by flavors of fresh citrus and crisp orchard fruits like apple and pear. Light in body with lifted acidity, this white wine flaunts subtle notes of honey and beeswax on the nose.

Saweetie & Stigma Sparkling Rosé

Someone pop the pink! Saweetie’s jaw-dropping gown is giving us Stigma Sparkling Rosé vibes. Our Stigma line of sparkling wines teeters on the edge of risqué, challenging the traditional expectations of what sparkling wine can be.

Much like Saweetie, this traditional method sparkling Rosé is the perfect balance between sweet and tart. You’ll notice flavors of bright, lifted citrus and juicy red berries like strawberry and raspberry.

In Vino Finito

Did we miss your favorite Met Gala look? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll respond with a Bright Cellars’ wine pairing. In the meantime, make sure to take our 7-question quiz to see if you match with any these Met Gala-inspired wines!


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