NEW WINE ALERT: Acquaforte Sangiovese

Sicily with Mount Etna in background - Bright Cellars' Acuqaforte Sangiovese

Bright Cellars’ Acquaforte Sangiovese

We’re excited to announce our new Sicilian wine, Bright Cellars’ Acquaforte Sangiovese 2019!

This Italian red wine has ripe fruit flavors like cherry and pomegranate. So throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and wish for a glass of Acquaforte Sangiovese. 


The term “acquaforte” is the Italian word for etching. Etching is when a strong acid is used to cut into metals to create a design. 

This painstakingly complex art has been used for hundreds of years! In fact, Rembrandt and Goya both used this technique in their works. 

Acquaforte Sangiovese is inspired by the etchings of the Trevi Fountain by Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Giovanni was born in Italy in 1720, but came to Rome in 1740. When in Rome (no pun intended), he started to etch the city and its famous monuments. One of his best known works is the Trevi Fountain etching. 

Bright Cellars' Acquaforte Sangiovese
Bright Cellars’ Acquaforte Sangiovese

Acquaforte Sangiovese

Sangiovese (san – jo – VAY – zay) is an Italian red grape that can take on different styles depending on where it is grown. 

Acquaforte Sangiovese is grown on the volcanic island of Sicily, just off Italy’s “toes”, overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean and soaking in the average 6.8 hours of sunshine each day. This old world wine features flavors of cherry and pomegranate along with dried herbs and terra cotta clay. This medium to full-bodied wine has medium tannins and high acidity.


When it comes to food pairings, Sangiovese is very versatile. This vino is great for pairing with veggies and spice-driven foods like tomatoes, red peppers, and grilled foods

Also, remember that what grows together goes together! Try pairing this vino with a traditional Siclian dish like Pasta alla Norma. This meal features tomatoes, eggplants, garlic, basil and ricotta salata. Serve up this dish for a Friday night dinner and pair it with a glass of Acquaforte Sangiovese!

Mount Etna in Sicily

Terre Siciliane IGT, Italy

The whole island of Sicily is under the Terre Sicilian IGT. IGT stands for Indicazione Geografica Tipica, which refers to Italy’s official wine region classification system. The Terre Sicilian IGT was established in 1992 and is more focused on the region of origin and not the grape varieties or styles. 

“Terre Siciliane” translates to Sicilian land. This region covers all of Sicily and the 2 satellite islands of Aeolian and Pantelleria. Wines from this region come in all different styles including white, red, or rosé. 

This terroir has a distinctive climate and features volcanic soil. The soil gives the wines a less fruity taste with more salty and herbaceous flavors. This unique terroir is like no other in the world. Other wine regions may have volcanic soil but none add these specific flavors to the wines like Sicily’s. 

In Vino Finito

Acquaforte Sangiovese wine is one-of-a-kind! You won’t want to miss adding this vino to your next box. 

Reach out to our Wine Concierge Team at or give them a call at (844) 223-5527 to get this added to your next box. 

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