NEW WINE ALERT: Terraform Sustainable Red Blend

new wine alert: Terraform red blend

Bright Cellars’ Terraform Red Blend

We’re excited to announce our VERY FIRST sustainable wine, Bright Cellars’ Terraform Red Blend 2018.

This red blend from California’s Clarksburg wine region is made from sustainably produced grapes and has ripe, fruit-forward flavors. 

terraform red blend sustainable wine bottle
Bright Cellars’ Terraform Sustainable Red Blend

What is Sustainable Wine?

The word “terraform” traditionally describes transforming an inhospitable planet to support human life. But in this instance, it means returning vineyards to their natural state using sustainable farming—from before industrial farming took root.

Sustainable winemaking isn’t new. Wines were produced this was for centuries. But with the looming threat of climate change, it’s never been more important.

In order to be certified “sustainable”, an independent third-party assesses the vineyard’s practices and whether they meet the standards to be called “sustainable”. Problem is, there are many different certification programs depending on where the vineyard is located, so it can be hard to come up with an overarching definition.

But, in general, “sustainable wine” is wine made in the present that doesn’t compromise the ability to make wine in the same location in the future. It has the smallest possible impact on the land, so future generations can use it too. Sustainable winemakers are extra vigilant about the waste they create, and consider how their work impacts not just the vineyard but the surrounding land. Depending on where the vineyard is located, that could mean reducing water use, avoiding pesticides, or composting waste to make fertilizer. A true sustainable wine will use the smallest amount of energy possible.

The Terraform sustainable wine is all about honoring the age-old methods of winemaking. Where the land and vineyards are brought back to their natural state, as if returning the Earth back to itself. 

bright cellars' terraform red blend

Terraform 2018 Red Blend

The sustainably grown grapes for this red blend give this wine it’s full-body, a smooth finish, and soft velvety tannins. 

You’ll taste notes of ripe and fruit-forward berries like raspberry, plum, and cherry. And as you sip you’ll know that the grapes used were grown with sustainable practices that help the earth instead of taking away from it


Try pairing this red blend with robust meats like burgers, ribs, or pork shoulder. You can also pair this vino with sharp or smoked cheddar. The flavors from the smoky flavors from the cheese fit together perfectly with the fruit-forward wine. 

bright cellars' terraform red blend - clarksburg CA

Clarksburg, California

The scenic Clarksburg AVA is a quick 20 minutes from downtown Sacramento on the banks of the Sacramento River. The Sacramento Delta connects this terroir to the sea which gives this region special soil that is a combination of dense clay, sand, and silt.

The area’s climate has cool evenings and perfectly warm days which gives the region the ability to grow a wide variety of both red and white grapes. Clarksburg is often cooler than Sacramento, because of the winds coming off San Francisco Bay. 

Clarksburg AVA is a unique and little-known region offering quality wines at lower prices than nearby Napa Valley. 

In Vino Finito

This is the first sustainable wine from Bright Cellars and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with our members! 

Interested in getting this wine in your next box? Reach out to our Wine Concierge Team at or give them a call at (844) 223-5527.

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