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5 Wine Radlers to Sip This Summer

Celebrate Summer With 5 Wine Radlers Today’s the day to slow things down with an ice cold drink. And here’s a hot tip for wine lovers: you can mix a little vino into your lemonade recipe to create a delectable wine radler. What’s a wine radler, you ask? Traditionally, a radler is a light beer…

Pairing S’mores and Wine: Our 11 Favorite Combinations

S’mores are the ultimate summertime treat! Step up your s’mores game with these 11 s’mores variations and wine pairings. Perfect for you next summer party!

5 Rainbow Cocktails to Celebrate Pride

Pride month is here, and we’re celebrating! Drink through the rainbow with these 5 rainbow cocktails that cover all the colors of the rainbow.

Easy Weeknight Dinner and Wine Pairings to Save You Time

Make your regular week-night dinner feel like a weekend feast! These weeknight dinner and wine pairings are no-fuss, healthy and delicious!

How to Make a Show-Stopping Charcuterie Board

Everyone needs a charcuterie board in their life. Here are 3 steps for making a charcuterie board that is sure to impress!

9 Mimosa Variations to Spice Up Brunch

We love a good Champagne and O.J. moment, but try these twists on the classic. Change up your brunch game with these 9 mimosa variations!

Cooking with Wine: Easy or Overwhelming?

We asked our Bright Cellars audience if they’re comfortable cooking with wine. Here are the results and some of our favorite recipes!

3 Deliciously Drinkable Low-ABV Wine Cocktails with Fresh-Brewed Rishi Tea

You don’t need a lot to make yummy wine cocktails! We teamed up with Rishi to bring you these 3 tea and wine cocktails that are simple, easy, and delicious!

5 Healthy Weeknight Dinner + Wine Pairings That Taste Delicious

Weekdays are busy & it can be hard to come home and cook! Try these 5 healthy weeknight dinner and wine pairings from Hungryroot and Bright Cellars!

How To Drink Wine Like The Irish

If you’re looking to avoid the beer belly and the hangover this St. Patrick’s Day, we’re sharing how to drink wine like the Irish.

9 Wine Cocktails To Transport You Somewhere Warm

Whether your spring break plans were delayed, postponed, or straight-up cancelled, these 9 wine cocktails will transport you somewhere warm.

15 Wine And Sheet Pan Recipe Pairings That Will Save You Time

These 15 sheet pan recipes will save you time and pair great with wine. Explore our sheet pan recipes and wine pairings!

8 Slow Cooker Recipes + Wine Pairings

Fall slow cooker recipes and wine pairings are perfect for a simple weeknight dinner! All you do is throw in the ingredients and pour a glass of wine.

9 Wine and Winter Pasta Pairings

9 Winter Pasta and Wine Pairings Looking for something to warm you up this evening? Treat yourself to a bowl of winter pasta and a glass of wine. These 9 winter pasta and wine pairings are the perfect way to warm up this season! Thankfully, it doesn’t take long to whip up a hearty, flavorful…

3 Ways to Make Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Red Wine Hot Chocolate Winter is fast approaching whether we’re ready for it or not. As we move further into the depths of Fall, it’s time to get creative with how we’re going to survive the coming frigid months. These 3 ways to make red wine hot chocolate are perfect for getting into the festive…

Delicious Mulled Wine Recipes from Around the World

Warm up with there 9 mulled wine recipes from around the world! Mulled wine is a cool-weather favorite & pair perfectly with a crackling fire.

Our 9 Favorite Fall Wine Cocktails

Pumpkin spice up your fall happy hour! These 9 fall wine cocktails are best enjoyed with a cool breeze and changing fall colors!

5 Apple Dessert and Wine Pairings Perfect for Fall

Move over pumpkin, it’s apple’s time to shine! These 5 fall apple desserts and wine pairings are perfect for celebrating the changing season!

Pairing Wine with Healthy Dips You Can Make at Home

We teamed up with Misfits Market to bring you the ultimate healthy homemade dip + wine pairing–perfect for a relaxing wine night!

Wine Pairing Guide for Healthy Summer Vegetarian Food

Summer is the perfect time for light foods! Try these 10 vegetarian food and wine pairings perfect for dinner on summer nights.

9 Wine and Summer Pasta Pairings

Summertime pastas are light and yummy! You can even use your leftover garden herds and veggies. Here are 9 wines that go with summer pasta!

7 Sangria Recipes for Summertime

7 Sangria Recipes for Red and White Wine Lovers We like to think of sangria as the punch for the big kids at the backyard party. Try out these 7 sangria recipes perfect for all your summertime activities! Sangria can be traced back for centuries. The first known sangria-like drink was called  “hippocras”. It was…

Our 12 Favorite Summer Wine Cocktails

Nothing is better than relaxing with a nice cocktail. Here are 12 of our favorite wine cocktails that are perfect for summer!

10 Wine Spritzer Recipes for Hard Seltzer Lovers

Hard seltzers are in, but recreating your favorite flavors is easy. Use these 10 wine spritzer recipes next time you’re looking for a low cal drink!

Frosé, All Day With These 5 Frosé Recipes

Frosé all day with these 5 frosé recipes! They are perfect summer drink for relaxing in the backyard or hitting the beach.

How to Make Your Own Wine Popsicles

Wine popsicles are a perfect summer refreshment! Part childhood throwback, part boozy treat. Find your favorite fruit + wine combination with these recipes!

#Winesday: Wine & Dine – Put Your Leftover Vino to Use

The holidays have nearly come and gone but, for most of us, one thing still remains: A countertop full of leftover vino just looking for a purpose! Put your 6 different bottles of opened wine to use in these drunkenly delicious dishes.

Holiday Survival Guide: Holiday Dessert Pairings

According to our friends at in their article called Which Wines Go Best with Thanksgiving Dinner?, “when you are pairing with a sweet dessert, you want the wine to be at least as sweet as the food.” Here are some awesome holiday dessert pairings that really validate the phrase “Eat Pie. Drink Wine. Be Thankful.” Apple…

The History of Cheese

If you’re fancy, you’ve probably been to a wine and cheese party. Or if you’re like us, you’ve probably poured a hefty glass of wine and rummaged through the cheese drawer in the fridge to dig up some string cheese to pair with your Friday-night-Netflix extravaganza. Either way, you know that wine and cheese make…

Grilling Out on the Fourth

Burgers, brats and barbecue are essentials to any Fourth of July cookout (along with the fireworks of course). But even more essential? The beverages! While wine isn’t typically thought of as the go-to drink at warm weather get-togethers, the proper wine and food pairing can bring any grill out to the next level: MALBEC &…

How to Make Wine Popsicles

Picture this: you’re melting under the sweltering summer sun, and your mouth is watering for something cool, refreshing and delicious. Meet the wine popsicle - your new favorite frozen treat. They're incredibly easy to make, and taste even better on a hot summer day. There are endless ways for you to switch up these sweet…

4 Hacks for Your Leftover Wine

Sometimes we all fail at finishing a bottle of wine. Whether it be the result of an exhausting day, having gone back for seconds at dinner (guilty…), or you simply just can’t take another sip, don’t let that leftover wine give you  regret. No matter the reason, use these 4 hacks to ease your stress…

#Winesday: Novice Knowledge

The wine world is an incredibly vast, intriguing, sometimes terrifying place. Even the pro's openly admit that they'll never know everything there is to know about wine. It's impossible! No need to stress over being a master, let's start with the basics. Now that you know the fundamentals, it's time to put it to use!…

Battle of the Bubbly

Let’s set the record straight: all Champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. There are many different types of sparklers that vary in production style, flavor and price! Read up on these various bubbly alternatives if you’re not exactly balling on a Champagne budget. And of course, the only thing more…

The French 75

The French 75, or Soixante Quinze if you speak Français, is a classic cocktail dating all the way back to 1927. The recipe for this timeless concoction was first printed during Prohibition, when all the rebellious bootleggers were struggling to get their booze fix. It’s unsure who mixed the original French 75, but it quickly…

#Winesday: Mull It Over

Glögg, Glühwein, Wassail…the names and recipes vary but the result is the same. Grab your favorite mug (and coziest blanket) and see why mulled wine is a winter winner.

#Winesday: 5 Creepy Hallowine Cocktails

While the younger boys and ghouls get their hands on heaps of candy this year, we’re taking a more sophisticated approach. Join us in sipping on some Hallowine cocktails that are all treats, no tricks: The Black Widow's Brew This creepy cocktail features a dark, sweet juice of your choice. Pick your poison! Ingredients: 1…

Rags to Royale: The Kir Cocktail Story

If you’re looking for a sparkling beverage that’s as sophisticated as it is sweet, the Kir Royale will be your cup of tea (or in this case, wine). Originating in Burgundy, France around the 1940s, the Kir was a drink named after the World War II hero, Felix Kir. Felix was mayor of the French…

September Sangria: The Best of Both Seasons

We don’t know how you guys feel about it, but we are often perplexed by the presence of September. Some days are hot enough to keep the air conditioner pumping, yet nighttime runs to take out the trash are starting to require slippers instead of flip flops. The biggest struggle by far is how to…

4 Laborless drinks for your Labor Day weekend

With Labor Day right around the corner, we’re daydreaming about friends, family, food and (of course) wine. Whether you’re spending your three-day-weekend on a boat, at a backyard BBQ, or just saying so-long to summer (and wearing white pants), make sure you’re prepared with some of our favorite end-of-the-season sippers:

Your Labor Day Signature Drink: Rosé, Bourbon & Blue

As the last three-day weekend of summer approaches, one question is ringing in our ears: “What will be our day-off drink?” Work weeks without Mondays are hard to come by, so we suggest taking full advantage of it by making yourself something special to sip on. Not only is this cocktail unique, it’s also patriotic.…

Your New Favorite Classic Mimosa Recipe

We promise this will be your new go-to. This mimosa recipe is one for the brunches. So pop open the bubbly, grab your best Champagne flutes and get ready for the drink of your lives. Note: this recipe is best served with pancakes, bacon and lots and lots of syrup. Ingredients: Makes 8 servings 1…

Simple Syrup Recipe

Not going to lie, most of us in the office thought simple syrup was something you only bought at the store. While it is usually available at your nearest liquor emporium, turns out you can also make it (very easily) at home. Simple syrup is used in a lot of our favorite cocktail recipes here…

Manischewitz Spritz Recipe

Celebrate the first night of Hanukkah with this Manischewitz Spritz recipe! This kosher wine is known for its interesting flavors.

What We’re Consuming: The Creole Resolution

When most people think about a creole cocktail they automatically picture a classic New Orleans Sazerac, or maybe even a Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane. However, the winos in our office have a different go-to French Creole concoction. Meet the Creole Resolution. Fruity and sweet, sipping on this sparkling cocktail will transport you to a jazzy night…

What We’re Consuming: The Vesper

The name’s Blanc, Lillet Blanc. The Vesper is a great cocktail for someone who wants to serve a creative classic. A classic Vesper uses gin, vodka, and Lillet Blanc. It’s rather strong, but as James Bond’s drink of choice, it’s a must-try for any adrenaline junkie. Though Bond normally insisted on his martinis being “shaken,…

6 Bubbly Cocktails You Should Be Drinking This Weekend

Gather up your Sunday Brunch Squad. We’ve curated a list of our favorite fizzy cocktails, featuring three different types of bubbly: Champagne, Prosecco and Cava. Champagne French 75 (source: Bon Appétit) A chic French cocktail with a vintage vibe, this classic will take any basic brunch to the next level. Ingredients: (Makes 1 serving) 2…

Your new fall drink: Meet Aperol Spritz. It’s been waiting for you.

Aperol Spritz has been declared the go-to drink of the fall. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Spritz what?” Fortunately, I’ve dedicated a bit of time researching and (just a bit more time) taste-testing this delicious beverage to make sure we’ve got the right proportions. Although it was time-consuming and a bit of a…

Sparkling Wine Floats

Sparkling Wine Floats What You’ll Need: 1 bottle of sparkling wine Orange sherbet That’s literally all I’m serious       Step 1 Let the sherbet soften a bit and scoop it into a glass Step 2 Open the bottle of sparkling wine or have your friend do it because you’re too scared that you’ll shoot the…

Spiced Pantry’s BEST Summer Pairing

What’s the best summer recipe to pair with Sauvignon Blanc? Shannon from Spiced Pantry, a food subscription box that sends a new country’s pantry ingredients and recipes each month, has the answer. Mexican Grilled Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw and Crema Sauce These grilled fish tacos are the perfect summer meal. They’re a breeze to make,…

What’s in Sangria Anyways?

                  We have all been there before. You sit down at a restaurant on a hot summers day with your girlfriends and immediately snatch the wine list from the waiter. Your eye goes straight to the red wine sangria and you order it. Your girlfriend looks at…