How to talk about wine - wine terms for your next dinner party
How to Talk About Wine: Wine Terms to Know

From tannin to terroir, here’s how to talk about wine and the top wine terms to know for your next dinner party. (Trust us, your guests will be impressed.) 

wine sediment in wine glass
What is Wine Sediment and How Does It Get In My Glass? 

In your wine lifetime, you may have experienced wine sediment – traces of the winemaking process left in wine that appear crystalline with a grainy, sandy texture. Is this sediment in wine normal? We’re answering these questions, and more. 

Wine quotes - "wine is a passport to the world."
37 Wine Quotes to Keep You Inspired 

Wine quotes are like a good glass of wine – they can truly take your day from good to great. Here are the best wine quotes to share with friends, family, and wine lovers in your life. 

How to chill your wine fast
Can Wine Freeze? 3 Hacks for Frozen Wine

We know hard alcohol can’t freeze, but can wine freeze? Here’s the explanation you’ve been waiting for and a few hacks for using frozen wine.