Pairing Wine with Our Favorite Binge Worthy Streaming Shows

Pairing Wine with Our Favorite Binge Worthy Shows 

What would we do without Netflix? We truly don’t know.

We’ve been watching a LOT of TV in the last year, and thankfully our favorite streamers do not disappoint. Looking for your next series to binge watch? You’ve got options. 

Whether you love drama, comedy, horror, or the sweet calm of British people baking cakes, there are lots of excellent shows to start watching this month. All you need to make your night extra special is the right glass of wine.

Here’s how to pair wine with all of the most binge worthy shows everyone is talking about right now.

The Queen’s Gambit & Zinfandel

You don’t need to know anything about chess to enjoy this limited series. Based on the novel by the same name, the Queen’s Gambit follows the gripping story of a young woman who takes the chess world by storm. Pair this dramatic series with Zinfandel – a dramatic red wine with jammy fruit notes and a hint of spice. Plus, this deep red matches Beth Harmon’s striking 1960’s lipstick.

Bridgerton & Malbec

Shonda Rhimes’ extremely bingeable new series, Bridgerton, offers a steamy take on the marriage politics of Regency England. Based on a series of romance novels, this period piece is basically a historical version of Gossip Girl. Pair Bridgerton with Malbec, a sultry red wine with dark fruit notes and – just like a good piece of gossip – a smooth chocolatey finish.

Schitt’s Creek & Cava

We could all use a laugh right now, and this Canadian comedy delivers. Schitt’s Creek follows the Rose family as they struggle to adjust to their new less-than-glamorous life in a small town. Enjoy this hilarious show with Cava – a sparkling wine that’s made in the same style as Champagne (ooh la la!), but is amazingly affordable. 

Lovecraft Country & Shiraz 

Lovecraft Country offers a modern take on Lovecraftian horror and features an incredibly talented cast. Set in the 1950s, season one follows the harrowing journey of a young black man in search of his missing father, and the dark secrets of a small town he learns along the way. Pair this enthralling fantasy-horror with Shiraz – a dark red wine with juicy notes of plum and a hint of campfire smoke.

The Great British Baking Show & Chardonnay

Looking for something that won’t keep you up at night? Arguably the most soothing show on Netflix is the Great British Baking Show. These talented home bakers will knead their way into your heart and might just inspire you to try your hand at sourdough. Pair this delightful series with Chardonnay. When this medium-bodied white wine is aged in oak, it can have notes of brioche, butter, and cream – alongside ripe fruity notes of pineapple and citrus.

Grace and Frankie & Rioja

Grace and Frankie features iconic actors (and frequent co-stars!) Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. When their husbands announce that they’re in love with each other, Grace and Frankie move in together and try to navigate this new chapter of their lives. Pair this heartwarming dramedy with Rioja. This Spanish red wine is made with Tempranillo grapes and has notes of cherry, dried fig, and cedar. Just like Fonda and Tomlin, this bold red gets even better with age.

Cobra Kai & Vinho Verde

Ready for a throwback? Cobra Kai is a sequel to The Karate Kid films and will make you feel all the feels. With Ralph Macchio and Billy Zabka reprising their roles from the ‘80s movie, this action-packed series will really take you back. Enjoy Cobra Kai with a light glass of Vinho Verde. This Portugese white wine has fun, fruity notes of lemonade and pink grapefruit, plus a touch of fizz.

Derry Girls & Merlot 

If you miss your friends (and who doesn’t?) Derry Girls will help remind you what it’s like to be part of a group of ride-or-die schoolmates. Set in Northern Ireland, these Catholic school girls (and James) must navigate the trials and tribulations of high school, plus a tense political situation in their hometown. While it sounds a bit dark, this series is laugh-out-loud funny as these outspoken friends get themselves into and out of trouble. Put the subtitles on and watch Derry Girls alongside a glass of Merlot – a medium-bodied red wine with juicy notes of cherry and plum with a hint of chocolate. 

The Crown & Riesling

The Crown puts a dramatic spin on English history. Starting with Queen Elizabeth II and recently covering Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana, this dramatic series is perfect for British history buffs. Watch The Crown with your pinky out, while sipping a glass of off-dry Riesling. While the Queen doesn’t always drink wine, when she does, she prefers sweet German wine. A chilled glass of Riesling will give this series the royal treatment.

In Vino Finito

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