Survival Guide for Drinking Wine at The Beach

How to drink wine at the beach

7 Tips for Drinking Wine at the Beach

Hot take: the only sound better than waves crashing is the sound of a chilled wine being poured into your glass. When you think of drinking on the beach, you may immediately think of Pina Coladas or another island beverage, but that’s because no one’s shown you the wine ropes yet! 

Glass, sand, sun – there are a lot of elements at play. But we’re happy to report we’ve found a way around all of them, and wine on the beach is our new favorite summer activity. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for drinking wine at the beach.

How to Pick the Perfect Beach Wine

When selecting an outdoor summer varietal, the name of the game is light-bodied and low ABV. A light-bodied wine will feel refreshing, rather than heavy, and low ABV wines allow you to sip all day – no matter how sunny. 

To clarify, that doesn’t mean all reds aren’t in season. Lighter to medium-bodied reds like Pinot Noir still have a place in the beach cooler – however, you may find a white wine or rosé better fits your beach vibe.

Tips & Tricks for Drinking Wine at the Beach 

1. Drink from silicone or plastic wine glasses

The biggest hangup preventing most people from drinking wine at the beach is glassware. You’ll never regret investing in a pair of on-the-go, travel friendly glasses that you can toss in a cooler or keep in the trunk of your car for your next adventure. You can also use them on your next camping trip, at your local park, or at the next big tailgate. 

Our friends at Bru.mate have a great line of insulated wine tumblers that will even keep your wine from overheating! 

Oh, and have you seen these revolutionary wine glasses that stick into the sand?

2. Keep your wine temperature controlled with an winesulator 

Bru.mate truly thinks of everything! They have the best accessories for a sand-free, glass-free day at the beach. This trendy winesulator holds a full bottle of wine, minus the worry that comes along with glass. It’s temperature regulating, so it keeps your wine chilled, plus it’s leak-proof and easy to pour. It also comes in a ton of fun patterns and colors to match your beach vibe! 

3. Toss all your supplies in a cooler

Coolers are great for transporting all the goods and keeping your bevvy cold throughout the day. Stash your winesulator, bottles of water, and some easy, summer snacks in the cooler, and you’ll thank yourself later! We recommend a cooler with a handle or over-the-shoulder strap – wheeled coolers can be tough in the sand. 

4. Stay hydrated by alternating with water

This is our biggest tip for imbibing at the beach! Usually, we encourage you to alternate a glass of wine with a glass of water, but if it’s a hot one, we definitely recommend upping the ante. Make sure you bring enough water along for your adventure! 

5. Bring an umbrella to stay out of the sun

Drinking in the sun can take a toll, so make sure to find a reprieve from the sun periodically throughout the day. An umbrella will also provide awesome shade for a post-sip nap (if you’re into that sort of thing.) 

6. Set an alarm to reapply sunscreen

Let’s be honest – sometimes when we’ve had a glass, we lose track of time and forget to reapply our SPF. We recommend setting alarms on your phone to remind yourself throughout the day. This is a great beach practice – vino or no vino! 

7. Use glass covers to keep sand out of your glass 

If you’ve ever spent time on a beach, you know that sand has a way of getting, well, pretty much everywhere. Keep unwanted sand out of your wine glass with these nifty glass covers

In Vino Finito 

Cheers to sunny afternoons with toes in the sand! Oh, and remember to always drink responsibly and make good decisions when it comes to getting in the water or sitting in the sun. 

Do you have any more tips for beach wine drinking? Let us know in the comments!  

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