What’s the First Wine Region You Want to Visit Post-COVID?

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Your Favorite Wine Travel Destinations

The travel itch is real this year! We can’t wait until we can plan a wine getaway. So what wine travel destinations are you heading to?

When we asked the Bright Cellars’ employee this question, it was all over the board. Some went with California while others were going big and heading to Australia!

The Results

Where are you heading post-COVID? Here are the results: 

  • 29.2% of respondents said that they are heading to Italy post-COVID. 
  • 19.7% of respondents said post-COVID they’re going to France. 
  • 19.7% of the respondents also said they were going to California. 
  • 13.2% of respondents said they’re going to Spain. 
  • 7.9% of respondents said they want to go to Australia. 
  • 7.2% of respondents said they’re jetting off to Argentina. 
  • 3.0% of respondents said post-COVID they are heading to South Africa. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these destinations! Each feature their own unique styles of wine, along with breathtaking views. 

Each of these wine travel destinations feature a variety of great wine regions that are famous for many different things. In France Bordeaux wine region try a bold Bordeaux blend. While exploring Australia sip on a glass of Shiraz. Discover Argentina with a glass of Malbec.

We also asked Bright Cellars Instagram followers this question here are some of our favorite responses:

  • Italy!
  • ????????????????????????!!
  • Germany!

We love all of these travel destinations for different reasons, but one of them being the wine they create! 

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In Vino Finito

Raise your hand if you can’t wait to travel again!

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