What’s the most popular kind of sparkling wine?

What’s the most popular type of bubbly?

Let’s face it – buying bubbly can be a bit overwhelming. If you’ve ever stared at the sparkling shelf, tilted your head, and whispered “huh?” under your breath, don’t worry. We’ve been there too.

When it comes to the most popular kind of sparkling wine, sweetness is an important part of the wine equation, so we asked our Bright Cellars readers what they look for on a sparkling wine label. What’s your go-to type of sparkling wine?  


  • 46% of respondents said “Brut” or “Brut Nature” which means very dry
  • 25.9% of respondents chose “Dry” or “Secco” which means dry
  • 12% of respondents prefer “Demi-sweet” which means semi-sweet
  • 5.8% of respondents chose “Doux” which means sweet
  • 10% of respondents admitted they don’t really know the difference 

We also asked our Bright Cellars Instagram community and got some thoughtful responses: 

  • Brut or Secco, depends on the occasion!
  • I like them all!
  • Dry or Secco for sure.. makes it so refreshing! 

When it comes to the label, we’ll never judge you for selecting the prettiest one. But we think it’s important you have resources available to you, should you want to learn how to better select a bubbly that suits you best. 

If you’re looking for a crash course on sparkling wine, we’ve got you covered. Our Label Language post breaks down the fancy foreign terms and highlights the difference in sweetness and style you may see on the shelf (or in your Bright Cellars box!)

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In addition to sweetness level, there are many different varietals of sparkling wine, such as Champagne from the Champagne region of France, Cava from Spain, the Italian Prosecco, and Sparkling Rosé – to name a few. There are even sparkling red wines, some known as Lambrusco. 



We hope you celebrated New Year’s in style and popped a bottle (or two), but if not, no need to fret. Contrary to popular belief, sparkling wine doesn’t always need a special occasion. In fact, many of our readers drink it throughout the week with meals. Probably because it’s one of the most versatile wines out there, making it an easy pair for almost any food. 

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