What’s Your go-to Wine for Pairing with Food?

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Your Favorite Wine for Pairing with Food

The holiday season is a time for celebration…and eating food. And nothing goes better with food than wine! So, what’s your go-to wine pairing with food?

When we asked the Bright Cellars staff this question they were all over the place. Some were thinking Cab because well, it’s Cab. It is the most well-known and famous red wine. While others were thinking sparkling wine; a wine known for its versatility. 

The Results

Here are the results for the #1 wine for pairing with food, according to you!

  • 47.3% of respondents said their go-to wine is Cabernet Sauvignon. 
  • 33.5% of respondents said their favorite wine for pairing is Pinot Noir. 
  • 8.9% of the respondents said they go with a glass of Riesling. 
  • 5.4% of respondents said they like to pair with sparkling wine. 
  • 4.9% of respondents said their go-to wine is rosé.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a great wine and has the ability to be paired with a variety of different dishes – grilled meats, dishes that are pepper driven, and dishes with bold flavors. 

There are a variety of different food options you could be choosing from too! 

We also asked the Bright Cellars Instagram community this question. Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • Pinot Noir! Kind of goes with everything right? It’s my fav!
  • Whatever is open
  • GSM blend!

No matter what you’re enjoying this holiday season make sure to pair it with a glass of your favorite wine!

In Vino Finito

No matter what wine you always reach for when pairing with food, enjoy it! 

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