Where Do Your Favorite US Wines Come From?

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The #1 US Wine, According to You!

Wine came to the United States in the 16th century & it has come a long way since then! Now all 50 states produce some sort of vino! So, which US wine is the best? 

When we asked Bright Cellars’ employees this question we could barely get it out before they all started to yell, “CALIFORNIA!” And who can blame them for thinking that? 

The Results

Here are the results:

  • 58.7% of respondents said their favorite wine comes from California.
  • 18.5% of respondents said their #1 vino is from Washington.
  • 15.9% of respondents said their favorite wine is from Oregon. 
  • 3.9% of respondents said their favorite vino is from Texas. 
  • 2.9% of respondents said this #1 US wine is from New York. 

We are not surprised that California takes home the gold. It’s the #1 vino-producing state in the US. And this isn’t the first time California has come out on top – the Judgement of Paris was a blind wine tasting competition in 1976 that established California as a preeminent wine region.

At first it seemed like a joke. French wines going up against California wine? Everyone thought there was a clear winner…French wines. But when California came up victorious it shook the world. 

There is always a debate about which wines are better – Old World or New World. Old World refers to wines from Europe. New World refers to wines made anywhere else in the world. 

Personally, we don’t think one world is better than the other world. Each has their own unique qualities that makes the wines made there different. 

US wine regions

We also asked our Bright Cellars Instagram followers this question, here are some of our favorite responses:

  • California, the ???? state
  • Oregon, Cali, Colorado has good ones but I’m biased
  • I’ll drink vino from anywhere! 

In Vino Finito

Where does your favorite vino come from? Let us know in the comments!

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Bright Cellars

Our staff is full of passionate wine lovers. With our amazing sommeliers at the helm, we’ve been schooled on all things wine. We came together to write this article, in hopes of spreading a little wine-ducation with you.

  1. I was ALWAYS a California girl with a special love for wines from Monterey County, where I lived. My husband and I owned a wine shop in Carmel and featured local wines, got to know grape growers, and wine makers alike. It was fun, fun, fun! Since Tom was from So Africa, we then decided to add a few SA wines. Then after a trip to Italy, we had to include some Super Tuscans and wines from Montepulciano and Montalcino. Of course, after that we had to include some French wines. The shop was pretty small so we couldn’t add a lot but expanding our horizon was educational and delicious. Then, my crazy So African decided to make wine in our garage!! In moved 6 – 50 gallon French oak barrels (out with the cars) and off he went creating truly lovely Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Noir. and a steel drum of Sauvignon Blanc . . . but that is another story! In 2014, even though I was a bit reluctant, we moved to Washington state. I’ve learned to regard the passion and integrity of WA wine makers as remarkable, the fruits of their labor as stunning, and their enthusiasm is contagious! The more I sip, the more I like! So to sum up this long story, variety is the spice of life!!

    1. Hi McLinda! Thanks for sharing this great story with us! Both California and Washington wines are fantastic – for different reasons! Thanks for reading and we hope you have a great day.

  2. With the fave US wine states, I’m surprised that Michigan didn’t figure in the results.
    Happy my state of NY was in the running!

    And fyi, my ranking is California, Oregon, New York, Washington, Texas.


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