How to Make Wine Popsicles

Picture this: you’re melting under the sweltering summer sun, and your mouth is watering for something cool, refreshing and delicious. Meet the wine popsicle – your new favorite frozen treat. They’re incredibly easy to make, and taste even better on a hot summer day.

There are endless ways for you to switch up these sweet treats, but the recipe below is a classic. If you’re feeling fancy, experiment a little and swap in different fruits or varietals of wine.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 bottle of red or white wine. We used our favorite red, Mojave Rain Merlot, for a popsicle that tastes more wine-y than sweet.
  • Frozen mango chunks
  • Frozen strawberries
  • Orange juice
  • Blender
  • Popsicle molds

1. Add fruit to the blender.

Grab your fruit and add it to the blender, filling it about 3/4 full. It doesn’t matter if you have frozen fruits or not, since the popsicles will be put in the freezer anyway.

2. Add wine and OJ.

Pour your wine & a small amount of orange juice into the blender cup until it is filled almost to the top. There’s no precise amount of wine you should add – it depends on how much room you’ve left in your blender after you added your fruits. If you like more of a fruity flavor, add more fruit and OJ. If you’re going for more of a wine taste, fill that blender up with your fav vino.

3. Blend it up!

You should blend until it has the consistency of a smoothie. Unless you like chunky popsicles (no judgment), make sure your mixture is relatively smooth.

4. Pour into popsicle molds.

After you’ve poured your wine molds, pop them in the freezer and wait 4-5 hours until frozen. Depending on the molds and blender you use, you should be able to make around 20 popsicles.

5.  Remove from molds and enjoy!

Enjoy these popsicles pool-side while you’re soaking in the rays, or while you’re reading a good book on a hot summer day. If you want to have instant best friends, serve at any summer party and we promise they’ll be a hit.



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