11 Outdoor Wine Accessories to Sip Outside in Style

It’s decided - drinking wine outside is the activity of the summer. Here are our favorite outdoor wine accessories for the season of sipping.

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Outdoor Wine Accessories to Bring Your Wine Outside

It’s decided - drinking wine outside is the activity of summer 2021. But if you’re planning on bringing your wine outside, you may need some outdoor wine accessories. We’ve rounded up our favorite wine tools that will make sipping anywhere a little bit easier.

Whether you’re hosting a trendy wine night in your backyard, enjoying a glass at the park, finding 5 o’clock somewhere with your toes into the sand, or turning your son’s baseball game into a tailgate (we don’t judge), these are our 11 favorite outdoor wine accessories.

1. Wine tumbler

Wine tumblers are practical glassware for on-the-go and keep your drink chilled, no matter the weather! We love these Champagne flute tumblers from Bru.mate - they keep your bubbly, well, bubbly.

2. Wine insulator

This wine insulator from Bru.mate is the trusty outdoor wine accessory you never knew you needed. Instead of transporting a whole glass bottle of wine, pour your wine into a Wine Insulator and bring it to your desired outdoor location. Plus, it’s insulated so it will maintain the wine’s temperature!

3. Pocket corkscrew

There’s nothing worse than getting out into the world with a bottle of wine, and not being able to open said bottle of wine. Stay prepared with a pocket corkscrew!

4. Plastic wine glasses

Indestructible and perfect for on-the-go, we recommend investing in some plastic wine glasses that are easy for travel, outdoor picnics, backyard wine nights, or sipping on the beach.

5. Wine cubes or wine gems

If you’re the type who likes to add ice cubes to their white wine, you may look into a set of wine cubes or wine gems. Like whiskey cubes, you keep them stowed away in your freezer until you need them to work their magic. Toss them in your cooler as you travel to keep them cold!

6. Bottle stopper/wine saver

Once the festivities are through, you may have extra wine. Whatever you do, don’t pour it out! Always remember to bring a bottle stopper to save any excess wine.

We recommend Repour wine savers! Repour is a smart way to keep open bottles of wine fresh. Just place the stopper in an open bottle, and it will absorb the oxygen, keeping your wine fresh from the first glass to the last!

7. In-bottle aerator

We definitely don’t recommend lugging your favorite crystal decanter to the park! For those who want the benefits of aeration without the hassle, try an in-bottle aerator. These little gizmos are lightweight, easy to transport, and aerate your wine as you pour, so you get the best out of your bottle.

8. Portable cocktail set

If you like wine cocktails on-the-go, invest in a portable cocktail set with a small shaker bottle, strainer, muddler, double jigger, and anything else you’ll need to make a mean wine cocktail whenever, wherever,

9. Drink cooler

Toss everything you may need (charcuterie included) into a chic cooler, and call it a day! When it comes to coolers, we’re team YETI, but there are lots of great options on the market.

10. Bru.mate BackTap™

Okay, this one might not be a necessity, but it sure is cool! This backpack cooler can hold 5 bottles of wine. It’s basically a backpack with a tap. It can even double as a footstool!

11. Wine Glass Covers

The last thing you want is sand in your glass! If you’re someone who likes to spread your blanket out under a tree at the park, these wine glass covers for outside may be just the solve!

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