12 Scream-tastic Horror Movies and Wine Pairings

Love scary movies? Want to make them even better? We've teamed up with Topic Streaming to bring you these 12 screm-tastic horror movie and wine pairings!

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For this article, we teamed up with our friends at Topic streaming to bring you 12 super scary movies from their streaming platform and the perfect wines to help calm your nerves while you watch! Topic is a streaming service and a cultural force bringing brilliant treasures unseen and unexpected from around the world into the spotlight. Think of it as a streaming service for curious seekers – they curate unique stories you can't find anywhere else. And they have a *killer* selection of horror movies, perfect for spooky Halloween binging. But don't take our word for it – they're offering you a 1-month FREE trial of Topic!Simply click here to start your free trial, and keep scrolling for 12 scream-tastic horror movie and wine pairings!

Stop rewatching the same-old horror movies you do every spooky season. Switch it up with these 12 horror movies and wine pairings that are sure to make your jump out of your seat. Wine is a great addition to any spooky movie night. Not only does it help calm your nerves but if the glass is big enough, you can hide behind it during the scary parts!

1) Soul City

New Orleans is full of secrets. When New Orleans fork lore and dark magic collide no one will know what comes next. Does magic always seem to come with a steep price? This short series pairs well with a wine that has that French flare that New Orleans is known for. A Bordeaux Blend is a full-bodied red wine that is usually a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The flavor notes of dried herbs, graphite, and black cherry will go perfectly with the fork lore and dark magic. Try pairing this series with a glass of Voyage Dan le Vent Bordeaux Blend. This medium bodied red wine has flavor notes of earth, dried herbs, elderberry, and black currant.

2) Pagan Peak

When two investors are called to the Alps they discover a horrific scene. A gruesome and staged murder begins to uncover the other pagan-influenced murders on the German-Austrian border. For this 8 episode series go with something from Austria! The Zweigelt (zz - vy - gelt) is Austria’s most planted red wine grape. Similar to a Pinot Noir, this light-bodied red has flavor notes of spicy black pepper, raspberry, and chocolate.
Pair this dark and suspenseful horror movie with a glass of Herz and Heim Zweigelt. While this wine is lighter bodied it still packs a punch with the flavors of earth, baking spices, pomegranate, and cherry. It also comes from the Qualitätswein Niederösterreich wine region in Austria.

3) Lambs of God

This gothic horror series follows three nuns who inhabit an isolated, run-down convent. When a stranger shows up and threatens to disrupt their eccentric way of life, all hell breaks loose. No one seems to be safe from the nun’s wrath but are they something more than nuns? Starring Essie Davis, Sam Reid, Jessica Barden and Emmy® winner Ann Dowd. This dark horror film is played out in 4 episodes & is best paired with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. The flavor notes of cedar, baking spices, and black cherry enhance this bold, dark wine.
Pair this movie with a gothic wine – the Worst Evils Cabernet Sauvignon has flavor notes of vanilla, black currant, raspberry, and oak. This wine's dark full-body will pair perfectly with the somber mood of the movie.

4) Arctic Circle

When a woman is found dying from a deadly virus within a cabin in Finnish Lapland, a police officer and virologist must think quickly and solve the crime that is centered around the life-threatening virus. Pair this icy, cold series with a glass of Pinot Grigio. This zesty white wine has flavor notes of lemon zest, peach, and crushed gravel. This vino is known for its zippy acidy and is mostly grown in cooler climates.
Pair this movie with a glass of icy white Silverscape Pinot Grigio. This white wine has flavor notes of green apple, lime, apricot, and honeysuckle. While the wine seems light, the flavors leave you curious for more.

5) Sakho and Mangane

When two police officers who are radically different are forced to work together on a case that involves supernatural mysteries in Dakar, they must put their differences aside and focus on what is ahead. Pair this 100% African produced series with a glass of African Sauvignon Blanc. In Africa there are some world renowned wine regions that are known for their acidic Sauvignon Blancs. You’ll taste flavors of peach, passion fruit, and honeydew with this wine.

6) We Need to Talk About Kevin

A mother can’t seem to shake a feeling about her son. Is she over thinking it? Or is her son the sociopath she always feared he was? She is soon forced to deal with the aftermath of his final horrific event. Pair this dark turn of events movie with a glass of Syrah. Syrah goes perfectly with the real-life horror this movie portrays. The flavor notes of blueberry, green peppercorn, and tobacco will help calm your nerves during the most suspenseful parts.
 Bright Cellars' own Silverscape Syrah
Pair this suspenseful movie with a wine that keeps you on your toes. The Silverscape Syrah has flavor notes of baking spices, leather, cherry, and raspberry. The savory and fruit flavors in the wine will contrast the thrills from the movie.

7) Turning Point

In this short horror film, a woman is exposed to a deadly contagion. With an apocalypse in the near future she must struggle through the night alone. But will she make it? A glass of Petite Sirah will go perfectly with this short film. The Petite Sirah is a rare wine grape that is a cross grape between a French Syrah and Peloursin. This cross creates a dark red wine that has flavor notes of blueberry, black pepper, and black tea.
You never know when the turning point is going to happen. Pair this short thriller with a glass of the Dark Turn Petite Sirah. This biodynamic wine is made by the moon, but what the night holds isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

8) The Miracle

When raiding a mafia boss' hideout, an artifact of Madonna is found. But this isn’t just any artifact. The statue of Madonna is constantly crying...blood. For those who witness this artifact the consequences are life-changing. A glass of Zinfandel will go perfectly with this dark and mysterious series. Zinfandels are often described as jammy because they have flavors that are similar to jams, such as strawberry, peach preserves, and blackberry. The flavors of baking spices and cinnamon are also often found in Zinfandels.
Pair this wine with a full-bodied red like the Worst Evils Zinfandel. This bold and dark red wine has flavor notes of cherry, smoke, vanilla, and strawberry.

9) Release

Release is a series of interconnected stories during a pandemic outbreak in the outskirts of the major US city. This outbreak is not like a virus the human race has experienced before and the community must think fast to dissolve the spread. Pair this mini series with a glass of Merlot. The flavor notes of vanilla, bay leaf, and cherry are great for when the series gets too spooky for you. Not only is red wine great for sipping during the scary parts, but it also is packed full of antioxidants! Which can translate to health benefits when drunk in moderation.

10) Knife Point

Nothing in life is free. But when a lonely traveling knife salesman is offered a ride by a kind father and his family, he is happy to tag along! But he soon finds out that there is no such thing as a free ride. Pair this short film with a glass of light-bodied Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is known for its flavors of hibiscus, raspberry, and clove. It is also a great beginner red wine because of its light-body and low tannins. It goes great with this short movie’s suspenseful moments without taking away from the overall drama.

11) The Fits

All 11 year-old Toni wants is to become a part of a dance troupe. She works hard and finally gets a spot on the bench. But soon after, members of the team start to have fainting spells and fits. Toni must make a choice – conform to the dangers the team is in or walk away from something she has worked hard for. Pair this lighthearted nightmare with a glass of Rosé. This pink wine doesn’t make you choose between red or white, but instead you get the best of both worlds. The flavor notes of lemon, green apple, strawberry, and raspberry go perfectly with this adolescent horror.

12) Invaders

Life is all about choices. One of the most telling: the costume chosen by a pair of would-be home invaders. In this short video two home invaders make a choice. But where does that choice lead them? A glass of oaked or unoaked Chardonnay would be perfect for this movie. You have the choice – just like the invaders do.
Pair this short movie with a glass of Meet Cute Oaked Chardonnay. This oaked wine has a buttery flavor with other tropical fruit flavors of pineapple, mango, and coconut. This will pair nicely with both the horror and the slight humor in this film.

In Vino Finito

Wine and scary movie pairings seem like an odd match, but actually they’re great! The vino helps calm you during the hard-to-watch parts of the spooky movie. 
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