8 Amazing Wine and Cheese Pairings for Your Next Cheese Board

Pairing wine and cheese, while delicious, doesn't have to be hard! Use these 8 amazing wine and cheese pairings and you'll be an expert in no time!

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While we all like to think wine loves us just as much as we love it, there’s nothing that wine loves more than cheese. And, honestly, we can’t complain because this dynamic duo gives us a savory, mouthwatering combo that is impossible not to love.

Wine and cheese enhance the flavors in each other, which means they create a tasting experience that will never disappoint. So the next time you’re hosting friends and family, or just craving wine and cheese, check out these eight amazing and classic wine and cheese pairings:

1) Chardonnay and Brie: Full-bodied white wine like chardonnay complements mild, smooth cheeses like brie. 

2) Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Gouda: Hard-aged cheeses pair best with equally bold ageable wines like Cab Sauv. 

3) Malbec and Sharp Cheddar: Potent cheeses need a full-bodied wine to match. Consider putting sharp cheddar out next time you queue up a bottle of Malbec. 

4) Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese: Acidic, crisp white wines mirror the acidity and flavor of goat cheeses. Try them together to see how they make each other even better. 

5) Petite Sirah and Butterkäse: Wines higher in tannin act as a palate cleanser for creamy, rich cheeses

6) Zinfandel and Gruyère: Firm, nutty cheeses pair perfectly with jammy, spicy wines — why not give these two a try? 

7) Moscato and Pepper Jack: Sweet wine, meet spicy zesty cheese. Now that's a match made in heaven. 

8) Aglianico and Parmesan: What grows together goes together. Regional pairings like this one are always worth a try. 

If all this talk of wine and cheese has you dreaming up a cheeseboard of your very own, good news: With a few tips, you'll master your board in no time. 

1) Variety is the spice of life: Choose at least one soft cheese, multiple hard or aged cheeses, and 

2) Calculating how much to buy doesn't need to be hard: When hosting a group, it's best to have 1-2oz. of each cheese per person. 

3) Don't forget to accessorize: To really impress your guests, spruce up your cheese board with fun adds like figs, olives, nuts, dried fruits, mustard, honey, and crusty bread! 

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