Bright Cellars' Aromica Sparkling Rosé and Red

We're excited to announce Bright Cellars' new Sparkling Rosé and Red! These new sparkling wines are opulent and shimmer with complexity.

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Bright Cellars’ Aromica Sparkling Rosé and Red!

We’re ecstatic to announce our latest additions to our sparkling wine collection, the Bright Cellars’ Aromica Sparkling Rosé and Red!

It features flavor notes of citrus, strawberry, and raspberry with a hint of rose petals in the aroma.

The Bright Cellars’ Aromica Sparkling Red is deliciously fruity. It will dazzle you with its flavors of juicy plum, black cherry, and sun-ripened bramble berries.

Aromica Sparkling Rosé

Made using the Traditional Method, this crispy, aromatic rosé reminds us of sunny spring days.

The flavor notes of fresh wild strawberries, tart raspberries, and freshly squeezed lemon will all come together on the palette while you’ll smell a hint of rose petals on the nose. Aromica Sparkling Rosé is all about its strong aromatic qualities as it hails from Washington’s Columbia Valley – a region known for its aromatic wines.

Sparkling rosé is believed to be sold as far back as 1764, but Veuve Clicquot is given credit for being one of the first champagne houses in France to be able to mass produce rosé in 1818.

Without this woman's pioneering efforts we may not be able to enjoy a glass of sparkling rosé!

Pairing with Aromica Sparkling Rosé

The great thing about rosé is that it’s a super versatile wine!

Try pairing this creation with a creamy risotto. The bubbles from the rosé will cut through the creamy risotto and add a little something extra to the meal.

You could also pair this sparkling rosé with chocolate covered strawberries. The strawberry and raspberry flavor from the wine will pair nicely with the fresh strawberries and the bubbles will cut through the creamy chocolate.

Aromica Sparkling Red

The Aromica Sparkling Red is not your average sparkling wine.

This red sparkling wine was made using the Traditional Method. You’ll taste notes of juicy plum, black cherry, and sun-ripened bramble berries. The dazzling bubbles in this wine bring soft tannins, balancing acidity, and medium body.

Sparkling red wines are not as popular as rosé or white sparkling wines. Why? It’s really just because of the market. Sparkling white and rosé are more popular. But that doesn’t mean sparkling red doesn’t deserve a spot at the table.

Pairing with Aromica Sparkling Red

Sparkling red is a great addition to your brunch. The flavor notes of dark red fruits will act as the fruit on top of your waffles or pancakes. If you’re thinking of a more dinner type of meal. Go with a Korean BBQ! The bubbly flavors from the sparkling red wine will cut through the spicy BBQ.

Washington’s Columbia Valley & Aromatic Wines

Columbia Valley is a world-famous aromatic terroir that plants a variety of different wines that have bold floral and fruit flavors.

This is Washington’s largest wine region with about 8,748,949 acres of vineyards in Washington. However, the whole region expands into Oregon for a total of 11,308,636 acreage.

Due to the area’s size there are multiple meso- and micro-climates. The Cascade Mountains jet out from the Earth and create a rain shield around the area. Which means the valley only gets an average of 6 to 8 inches of rainfall during the growing season (180-200 days).

Since there is a lack of rain the region is hot and dry. To ensure their grapes have enough water, winemakers will use irrigation systems. This allows for a certain level of control, meaning vintages do not change much from year-to-year.

Columbia Valley’s aromatic wines are internationally known and praised. There is a compound found in these wines called terpenes. It’s a natural compound that is also found in flowers that have a strong smell to them.

Grapes that have these aromatic qualities also have high levels of a certain subgroup of terpenes called monoterpenes. This subgroup gives the grapes the aromas of rose, geranium, and orange flowers. During the fermentation process these smells can also be brought out more along with the added aromas of fresh baked bread.

In Vino Finito

These aromatic sparkling wines are opulent and shimmer with complexity and finesse. 


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