By the Numbers: Do You Always Drink Wine From a Wine Glass?

This week we asked the Glass Half Full community how often they are using wine glasses to drink their vino. How do your habits compared to your peers?

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Ever feel insecure that you’re drinking your wine the wrong way and that everybody else knows what they’re doing? We feel you. That’s why every Monday we will be giving you a new survey to help share your opinion about wine and see if your wine habits are the same as everyone else's. In this week's survey we asked the Glass Half Full community if they always drink wine from a wine glass. The idea behind this question was: Do we really ALWAYS need a wine glass to enjoy a glass of wine? This is also always a topic of discussion when we were in the office. From just surveying ourselves we really thought that the majority of answers would be in the “sometimes” or “never” range. A lot of us will use a mug or different type of glass instead of a wine glass. Whatever gets the job done.

The Results

However, the responses didn’t show what we thought! Here are the results:
  • 71.0% of respondents said they always use a wine glass
  • 22.2% of respondents said they sometimes use a wine glass
  • 6.8% of respondents said they never use a wine glass

The largest majority of respondents said they always drink their vino from a wine glass. This means that individuals are following the traditional wine “rules”. However, is everyone drinking it from the correct type of wine glass? Also, if you are always drinking wine from a wine glass, be sure you're taking care of your wine glasses to ensure they don't get cloudy or make your wine taste funky. It is also important to note that you're allowed to enjoy your wine from whatever kind of glass you want. Sure, there are "rules" about which wine goes into which glass. But if you're just enjoying a nice glass with friends or by yourself, there is no need to grab that fancy wine glass.

In Vino Veritas

This survey helped us understand a little bit more about the Glass Half Full community and we loved learning about your wine preferences. Come back next week Monday to take another fun survey about your wine habits. 

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