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Gone are the days of boxed White Zinfandel. Rosé is trending, and it’s here to stay! This vibrant vino is a true example of a trash to treasure tale, quickly becoming the fastest growing wine category and everyone’s summer favorite. Discover rosé’s story and why you should drink pink:

Rosé Revolution – The Maceration Method

The most popular process for producing rosé, this method involves crushing red grapes and letting the juice soak with the grape skins for a few hours to a few days. This creates the wine’s color. Unlike red wine production, the skins are removed before the juice is fermented, which leaves the wine with its classic rosé hues:

Rosé and Refreshments

Rosé is one of the most versatile wines, thanks to its bright acidity and lack of tannins. Try  pairing a bottle with:

Stop and Smell the Rosé

Every region and grape can produce different aromas and flavors in rosé. These are a few of the most common:

Pros(é) of Rosé

1. Rosé is a trendy crowd pleaser. White wine drinkers and red wine lovers both enjoy happy-medium rosé.

2. It’s super diverse. Rosé can be dry, sweet, sparkling…all depending on the grapes used to make it.

3. Great for a party, rosé is a perfect cocktail wine. Try it over ice with sparkling seltzer for a refreshing twist!

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