10 Tips for Drinking Mindfully

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Summer is in full-swing and our calendars are booked with patio parties, festivals and grill-outs. With so many exciting events and so little time, this got us thinking: How can we enjoy our Chardonnay and Rosé all season long without overindulging? Check out our top tips for treating yourself to a glass while still maintaining your class: 

Drink moderately

Moderation is your bff. Drinking one glass of vino per hour helps your body metabolize the alcohol, so you can continue to enjoy your wine casually without getting too tipsy.

Sip for the senses

Savoring the flavors and aromas of your wine while sipping helps you slow down and enjoy the experience. Check out our tips on tasting your wine by smell here.

Snack, snack, snack

Eating helps keep you full, so you are less likely to overindulge on drinks. Foods that are higher in fat will actually act as a buffer against alcohol, so consider this your excuse for enjoying pizza while you wine. Check out our go-to pairings here.

Stay hydrated

Water is proven to help with alcohol absorption and breakdown. Before you refill your wine glass, go for H20! This will keep you feeling refreshed so you can continue sipping in the sun.

Well-portioned pours

Living in the land of free samples and home of the bravely indulgent, we know that our average portion sizes are a little out of whack. Avoid filling up a super-sized wine chalice and stick to the 5 ounce serving recommendation.

Sit while you sip

Studies (conducted by our team in our office) show that if you’re sitting down while enjoying your beverage, you’re less likely to get up and refill as quickly. Positioning yourself away from the beverages will sway your temptations to top off your glass.

Move and groove

While sitting down helps deter you from refilling your glass as often, it’s still important to move around and keep your blood flowing. Shaking your groove thang is now completely justifiable.

Rest up

This is, by far, our favorite excuse for a nap. Tiredness can lead to a higher blood alcohol content than normal. Your liver is less efficient at processing and eliminating alcohol when your energy levels are low, so be sure to get a good night’s sleep before your next wine night.

Abstain completely

Think about it. The easiest way to keep your cool? Stick to non-alcoholic beverages all night. Your friends will be psyched to have a DD, and the memories of your summer nights will be crystal clear.

Wine responsibly

If you do happen to partake in a bit too much vino (it happens to the best of us), always remember to be smart and responsible. If you’re on a boat, wear a life preserver. If you’re at a cookout, call a cab. Nothing is more sophisticated than safety.


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