Easy Weeknight Dinner and Wine Pairings to Save You Time

Make your regular week-night dinner feel like a weekend feast! These weeknight dinner and wine pairings are no-fuss, healthy and delicious!

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Ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? We feel you. That’s why we partnered with our friends at online grocery service, Hungryroot to offer you easy weeknight dinner and wine pairings that save you time without sacrificing quality. Because here’s the thing: it shouldn’t take hours to prepare a delicious, healthy dinner and pair it with a perfectly matched wine. Just like at Bright Cellars we try to demystify the wine world and make it accessible to everyone, Hungryroot believes that you don’t need lots of time or money to make tasty, nutrient-dense dinners.

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Now keep scrolling for easy weeknight dinners and wine pairings to save you time and make your regular work-night dinner feel like a weekend feast!

Easy Weeknight Dinner and Wine Pairings

Thai salad

Thai Peanut Salad with Chicken and Stigma Grand Reserve

Looking to find recipes for healthy weeknight meals that save you time and are actually healthy? We've got you: This recipe for Thai Peanut Salad with Chicken takes seven minutes to make, and is chock-full of nutrients from Hungryroot’s Asian Salad mix, bell peppers, and simple yet delicious seasoned grilled chicken breast.

And for the perfect wine accompaniment, we recommend the Stigma Grand Reserve sparkling. Stigma's citrus notes, slight sweetness, and subtle floral notes perfectly complement the mild spice from the bell peppers and Thai Peanut Sauce.


  • Asian salad mix
  • Bell pepper and onion saute
  • Thai peanut sauce
  • Seasoned, grilled chicken breast


  • Heat 1 tbsp oil in skillet over med-high, sauté bell pepper mix with salt/pep for 4-5 min until soft + starting to brown; set aside to cool
  • Meanwhile, pat chicken breasts dry, then chop into 1-inch pieces
  • In a bowl, combine salad mix, chicken + bell pepper mix with 2-4 tbsp sauce
  • Divide salad between 2 plates + enjoy!

Poke bowl

Gingery Salmon Poké Bowl with Petal Press Rosé

Here’s another healthy recipe that takes under 10 minutes and tastes amazing: the addictive gingery salmon poké bowl. Compared to our go-to Chinese or Japanese delivery order, this recipe is cheaper and packed with more flavor.

Petal Press

And with a bottle of Bright Cellars Petal Press Sonoma County rosé, you can feel like you’re eating out for a quarter of the price! Petal Press rosé’s slight floral notes together with notes of ripe citrus and red berries helps complement the richness of the sesame ginger dressing.


  • Heat skillet over med-high + add rice blend with 1 tbsp water; stir occasionally for 2 min until warm + add to bowls

  • Heat 1 tbsp oil in skillet on med-high, cook salad mix + a pinch of salt/pep for 4-5 min until softened; set aside

  • Take out salmon cubes

  • Add everything to bowls + mix in or drizzle on 1-2 tbsp sauce per bowl—mmm, looks good

Green chile fish tacos 

Green Chile Fish Tacos with Batik Albariño

Weeknight dinner ideas shouldn’t keep you stuck in the kitchen all night. Case in point: This recipe and wine pairing, which is tailor-made for hanging on the patio at twilight and taking in the sunset. These tacos come with a little bite from the green chile sauce, but get tamed by the citrus-y Albariño.

If you’re a fish tacos aficionado then you need to try Albariño – it’s a Spanish white with citrus flavors and a hint of saline that make them the perfect companion to fish tacos al fresco.


  • Preheat oven to 400° F + line a sheet pan with foil; add fish to pan, drizzle with oil, salt/pep + fave spices then bake 8-12 min until firm, opaque + cooked through

  • Meanwhile, add half the Superblend to a bowl + mix in 2-4 tbsp chile + salt/pep to combine; set aside

  • In batches, heat 4 tortillas in skillet over med-high for 30 sec or until warm

  • Divide fillings among tacos + fold—Tip: enjoy leftover Superblend as a salad for lunch!

Juicy Lemon Pepper Chicken + Potatoes with Humdrum Pinot Noir

Roast chicken on a weeknight? Yup, it’s possible. This recipe takes fewer than 25 minutes to make, and has all the flavors of a classic chicken, potatoes, and vegetable dinner that’s been roasting all day! It’s a crowd-pleaser for those craving easy weeknight dinners for family that their kids will love.


  Bright Cellars' Hum Drum Pinot Noir

Pair it with Bright Cellars Humdrum Pinot Noir – the light red fruit flavors and subtle notes of mushroom will help bring out the earthy umami of the chicken and broccoli.


  • Preheat oven to 425°; arrange racks on the top + bottom thirds of oven; remove chicken from all packaging, add to a baking dish + pat skin dry; bake on bottom rack 20 min until hot + golden
  • Mix half the potatoes with 1 tbsp oil + salt/pep, then add to sheet pan; roast on top rack 20-25 min until tender
  • Chop broccoli in 1-inch pieces + heat 1 tbsp oil in skillet over med-high; cook with salt/pep 2-3 min, add ½ cup water, cover + steam 3 min

In Vino Finito

Who knew cooking healthy weeknight meals was so easy? With Hungryroot’s meals and recipes, paired with Bright Cellars’ wines, you can say “goodbye” to rushed 7PM meals and say “welcome” to simple, easy, and delicious work-day dinners.


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