How to Make the Ultimate Barkcuterie Board

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There’s only one thing better than a summer picnic with the sun shining and the wine flowing - having your dog by your side! We’ve partnered with our friends at Jinx to bring you an enjoyable sipping experience for both humans and dogs alike!

If you’re the type of owner whose camera roll is loaded with photos of your pride-and-joy pup, this barkcuterie board is the perfect afternoon treat to spoil your pet. Follow our guide to create a dog charcuterie board aka ‘barkcuterie board’ of healthy, dog-safe treats to level up your next dog-friendly picnic.

The Do’s of a Barkcuterie Board

Start the spread with Jinx treats

To create a tantalizing spread, arrange a variety of treats with different flavors and textures. We recommend starting off with Jinx treats, specifically their savory, slow-cooked Chicken & Sweet Potato Jerky Treats, crunchy Peanut Butter & Blueberry Biscuits, and long-lasting All Smiles Dental Chews. Jinx treats are made with all-natural, nutritious ingredients, so you can feel good about treating your pup.

Use our code WINEDOWN at checkout for a free bag of Chicken & Sweet Potato Jerky* treats on any a-la-carte order!

Add some color to your barkcuterie board with fresh fruits and veggies

Add some color to your barketurie board with antioxidant-rich blueberries, fiber-rich apple slices, or baby carrots loaded with vitamin A. Cucumbers, strawberries, peaches, mango, raspberries, and watermelon are other great pup-approved options that you can steal a few bites of as well.

Add something creamy for dipping and licking

This barkcuterie board should be a sensory experience that keeps your dog occupied! Add a little greek yogurt, pumpkin puree, or peanut butter for dipping and licking.

Make a packing list for the occasion

Packing List

For the humans

  • Cooler or picnic basket
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Portable Speaker
  • Plates
  • Cheeseboard or serving plate
  • Cheese knives
  • Non-glass wine glasses
  • Wine opener
  • Napkins

For the dogs

  • Water bowl
  • Water bottle
  • Ball or frisbee
  • Poop bags
  • Leash + anchor

Choose your human wines wisely

When you’re not giggling at your dog going to town on their snack board, be sure to pour yourself a chilled glass of wine. Here are a few wines we recommend (and yes, these are based purely on pup puns):

Malbark (Malbec)
Woofscat Blanc (Muscat Blanc)
Sauvignon Bark (Sauvignon Blanc)
Ruff-ssanne (Roussanne)
Barkbera (Barbera)
Groomer Veltliner (Grüner Veltiner)

The Don’ts of a Barkcuterie Board

It goes without saying that your dog won’t be able to participate in the imbibing, but there are also a few foods you should steer clear of when putting together your barkcuterie board.

Cured meats, cheeses, and sweets are a no-no for your furry companion. Also stay away from grapes, onions, and of course, chocolate!

As with any treats, be sure to keep your eye on portions and exercise moderation. When serving fruits, make sure all pits or seeds are removed and cut everything into safe, dog sized bites.

If you’re worried about portion size or spoiling their regular routine, snap a photo of your pups in front of the big barketurie spread and then serve smaller portions on individual plates. Consider giving them a reduced portion of their regular food at mealtime to account for the extra treats. If serving to multiple dogs, always be mindful of resource guarding.

In Vino Finito

We want to see your barkcuterie boards! Share your picnic on social media and be sure to tag @brightcellars and @thinkjinx for a chance to be featured on our social channels.

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