#Winesday: How to Keep Your Wine Cool All Summer Long

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There's nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of vino on a hot afternoon. If you find yourself reaching for a bottle that's lukewarm on the counter...chillax! Check out our tips for quick-chilling your wine all summer long:

Get Salty

Place your wine in a bucket of ice, cold water and salt. Salt reduces the freezing point of water and chills it quickly, without turning it into ice! Your wine will be refreshingly cool in a matter of minutes.

Decant & Chill

Smaller amounts of liquid chill faster, so if you're in a jam, pour your wine into individual glasses first. Place those glasses in the fridge or freezer for a quicker cool-down. Just be careful when opening the door!

Wrap it up

Putting wine in the freezer will chill it, but wrapping it in a damp towel speeds up the process. The moisture holds in the cold, and pressing an icy towel against the bottle helps cool the entire surface.

Drop it in

Plan ahead and keep glasses in the fridge! Just like a frosted glass does wonders for beer, the same can be said for wine. If your glasses are already cold, a chilled beverage is just a few minutes away.

Wine Popsicles

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you warm wine...make wine popsicles!

For the coolest take on chilling out your wine, visit our Wine Popsicles post to see step-by-step instructions.


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