New Wine Alert: Crypsis Petite Sirah

The Bright Cellars' Crypsis Petite Sirah is a rare red wine with flavor notes of plum, raspberry, black pepper, and blackberry. Try it today!

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We’re excited to announce our newest wine, the Bright Cellars’ Crypsis Petite Sirah!

This rare California wine is a dark ruby red color and features aromas of plum, raspberry, and blackberry. You’ll also taste secondary notes of cocoa and black pepper which adds an extra layer of complexity.


Hiding in plain sight, Crypsis wines ensnare the senses with their rich, fruity flavors and bold spice notes. Characterized by full body and an opulent depth of flavor, these wines are sure to captivate.


 Bright Cellars' Crypsis Petite Sirah

Crypsis Petite Sirah

The Crypsis Petite Sirah is from the Lodi, California wine region.

It is an elegant red with notes of plum, raspberry, blackberry, black pepper, and cocoa. These flavor add a layer of complexity to this bold ruby red wine and the wine’s full body is matched with a medium acidity.

Petite Sirah is an extremely rare grape. It is loved for its dark ruby color wines and full-body. In total, there are 9,800 acres of Petite Sirah growing worldwide, with over 75% of that growing in just California. This grape is rare outside of the Golden State – even though it is well known and loved by many.

However, that wasn’t where Petite Sirah was first discovered. In the 1880s this grape was created by the botanist Francois Durif in Montpellier, France. That is where the varietal got its original name – Durif. Francois made this grape by crossing together a Syrah and Peloursin – an even rarer and almost extinct grape that's only found in the French-Alps.


It is important to note that Petite Sirah is not the “smaller” or “petite” version of Syrah. It is simply just the offspring of it.



Pairing with Crysis Petite Sirah

The Crysis Petite Sirah’s bold flavors will be enhanced when paired with food with strong spice flavors – think allspice, cloves, and chili powder.

Our favorite foods to pair with this Petite Sirah is slow-roasted pork shoulder, barbecued brisket, or a spicy slow cooker turkey chili!

If a charcuterie board is what you’re thinking go with aged Gouda, farmhouse cheddar, or hard Italian cheeses like Parmesan or Asiago!

Lodi, California


Lodi-California is tucked away between the San Francisco Bay and the Sierra Nevada Mountains – hidden in plain sight, just like the Crypsis Petite Sirah.


In the roots of the vines in Lodi, California is a history of hard times and cleaver thinking. The region is dominated by 4th and 5th generation farmers who share the same hard-working and dedicated spirit that their ancestors did long ago.

Back in 1850, Capt. Charles Weber was the first to plant wine grapes in the area. About 2 years later George West was traveling in California in hopes of striking it rich in the Gold Rush. He found gold, but they were in the shape of juicy little grapes. West was a businessman at heart and he saw that Weber’s grapes were flourishing. So, West bought some of Weber’s grapes and started the first major vineyard in the southern edge of the region.


By the 1880s many of the other crops in the area were unsuccessful, but the grape vines were doing great. Many farmers switched their crops and started to plant grapes! The Lodi AVA was established in 1986.


The region features a Mediterranean-like climate. There are warm days and cool nights throughout the growing season – the perfect combination for winemakers! The region’s cool delta breezes which come from the San Joaquin/Sacramento River Delta allow for winemakers to produce succulent flavored wines that have a hint of acidity.

But you need more than just an amazing climate! Over thousands of years the sandy soils in the Lodi AVA were created by naturally occurring geological events. These events left the soil full of rich minerals. The Mokelumne and Cosumnes Rivers have flowed through the region for years. As they ebbed and flowed they carried granitic-based minerals with them. These minerals were deposited into the soil and helped give the region’s wines their unique tastes.

In Vino Finito

The Crypsis Petite Sirah is a hidden gem that is hiding right in plain sight. It’s bold flavors and rich ruby red color are sure to leave you wanting another sip.

Think this wine is the perfect match for you? Reach out to our Wine Concierge team at to get it in your next box!

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