New Wine Alert: Petal Press Rosé Columbia Valley

The Bright Cellars' Petal Press Rosé from Columbia Valley features flavor notes of zesty lemon, green apple, and strawberry.

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We’re excited to announce one of our favorite rosés is back! The Bright Cellars’ Petal Press Rosé from Columbia Valley is not your average pink wine. The flavor of green apple, strawberry, and raspberry come together with a zippy acidity and fresh finish.

Petal Press Rosés

A rosé journey that can take you all over the world! Petal Press Rosés is a portfolio of different pink wines from around the world. Each of these classically styled wines come from traditional wine regions and bring a variety of different flavors.
Bright cellars petal press rosé from columbia valley Bright Cellars Petal Press Rosé from Columbia Valley

Petal Press Rosé from Columbia Valley

Hailing from Washington’s aromatic Columbia Valley this zesty, dry rosé has flavor notes of bold citrus, fresh strawberries, orchard green apples, and tart raspberries. This medium bodied rosé has a fresh and balanced acidity that will leave you wanting another sip!

Pairing with the Petal Press Rosé

The great thing about rosé is that it can be paired with a variety of different foods! One of our favorite pairings with rosé is veggie skewers on the grill. The zesty flavors from the rosé harmonize beautifully with the char-grilled flavors from the skewers. Another great pairing for rosé is soft cheeses! If you’re making a charcuterie board to pair with a rosé, make sure to add in your soft cheeses. Lemon and garlic salmon is a great choice as well! The citrus flavors from the lemon on the salmon will pair perfectly with the lemon flavors from the rosé.

Washington’s Columbia Valley

Washington’s Columbia Valley wine region is the largest in the state. Spanning into Oregon this wine region has 11,308,636 total acreage under vine. Due to the region's size there are a lot of meso- and micro-climates. Columbia Valley lies in the Cascade Mountain rain shadow – making precipitation scarce. On average there is around 6-8 inches of rain during the growing season. Since this region doesn’t receive a lot of rain, wineries have had to get creative to ensure that their wine is properly watered. Since they have this element of control vintages often don’t change much year-to-year.

In Vino Finito

Rosé is a great addition to your holiday meal! Looking to add this rosé to your next box? Reach out to our Wine Concierge Team at or give them a call at (844) 223-5527. 
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