The Different Types of Sparkling Wine, Ranked

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Shopping for sparkling wine can be overwhelming at times. Between all the French terms and the pretty packaging, it’s easy to find yourself lost in the wine aisle.

We asked our Bright Cellars’ audience “what’s your go-to sparkling wine?” and today we’re sharing the best types of sparkling wine, according to you!


  • 36.1% of respondents chose Prosecco.
  • 26.7% of respondents said Champagne is their favorite.
  • 13.2% of respondents picked Rosé.
  • 8.9% of respondents prefer Cava.
  • 8.1% of respondents said they reach for a domestic sparkling.
  • 3.8% of respondents prefer Sekt.
  • 3.1% of respondents chose Crémant.

We also asked our Bright Cellars Instagram community and got some fun responses that make us think you guys are ready to party:

  • Cava, baby!
  • Bright Cellars Stigma sparkling wine
  • Champagne! 🍾 🍾🍾

Prosecco and Champagne are always crowd favorites, but we always suggest expanding your wine horizons and trying something you’ve never heard of before. You can’t fall in love with a wine until you know about it! We’re covering the basics of bubbly, and introducing you to a few different types of sparkling wine that you may not be familiar with.

What is Prosecco?

Prosecco is the premier sparkling wine of Italy. Unlike Champagne, Prosecco is made using the Tank Method and is known to be a bit more fruity.

What is Champagne?

We already know that Champagne is sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. By law, Champagne must be grown, fermented, and bottled in the Champagne region of France.

What is sparkling Rosé?

The pink sparkling wine you know and love is made a bit differently. Rosé is produced by mixing red wine into the base wine before second fermentation occurs. Don’t get this confused with Rosé saignée, which is actually made by red-skinned grapes bleeding into the white wine, turning the wine a pink color before fermentation.

What is Cava?

Cava is the premier sparkling wine of Spain.

What is domestic sparkling wine?

You’ll find domestic sparkling wines (or New World sparkling wine) right here in the U.S.A. One of our favorites is Stigma sparkling wine from Washington state!

What is Sekt?

Sekt is the German word for sparkling wine! These sparklings are known for being fresh and fruity.

What is Crémant?

Crémant is technically a group of nine sparkling wines made similarly to Champagne, but outside the Champagne region of France. These nine sparkling wines are made throughout France and Luxembourg.


Now that you know a little more about your sparkling wine options, which one are you going to try next?


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