Anybody can experience the joy of wine

Traditional wine culture kind of sucks. (Seriously, they sucked the fun out of wine.) We prefer a different approach — wine, your way.

Our Story

Bright Cellars started with a simple idea: ‘Finding wine you love shouldn’t be this hard.’

600,000+ 5-star wine ratings later, the proof is in the pairing. What started with an algorithm that matches people to the wine they’ll love has become a coalition of people passionate about breaking down the barriers that make wine exclusive and difficult to understand. We’ve brought sommeliers, software engineers, and normal people together to the same table to create the wine we want to see in the world — and we want you to join us.

We Believe

  • All people can be ‘wine people.’

  • Wine rules are meant to be broken.

  • If it can hold wine, it’s a wine glass.

  • Wine is meant to be poured, not stored.

  • You’ve got good taste. We’ll prove it.

Our Experts

Our team of wine experts includes Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis and viticultural and vinification expert Jason Candelario (this means he's a pro at the winemaking process). Their diverse knowledge and experience is paired with a common goal of bringing real wine with a real story to real people like you.

Fun fact: Catherine is the fifth woman in the world to achieve Master Sommelier status, but you won't find her with pinkies up. Her passion is making wine easier for everyone to understand.

Ready to come over to
the bright side?