7 Wine Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

When in doubt, gift wine. Here are some helpful ideas for gifting to the wine lovers on your list this holiday season.

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1. For the red wine lover in your life 

Red Wine Variety Bundle

Some people already know what they like, and the answer is red wine. These reds are highly rated and sourced from around the world — perfect for someone that's devoted to the red wine lifestyle. 

2. For the consummate host you know

The Hosting and Toasting Bundle

Have a natural-born host in your life? You know the type — somehow everyone always ends up at their house for every occasion. Help them create toastable moments with this curated selection of reds and whites. They'll be grateful to have the extra wine on hand for their next event. 

3. For your favorite party person 

Holiday Sparkling Bundle

Some people always find a reason to raise a glass — and for that they'll need some bubbly. Spread holiday cheer their way with a bundle of sparkling wines perfect for holiday celebrations or their next occasion. 

4. The best gift to have on hand

Holiday Gifting Bundle

The best gift? Wine. This specially curated bundle, handpicked by our Master Sommelier, boasts a diverse selection of highly rated wines, perfect for all your wine-gifting needs. And to make things even more fun, this bundle comes with ribbon to dress each bottle up before handing it off to its new owner.

5. For the foodie in your life

Dinner Party Bundle

For the person that's always hosting dinner parties and potlucks, pairing wines are always appreciated. Help elevate their gatherings and celebrations with a selection that's perfect for their next savory event. Includes two non-alcoholic wines.

6. For the white wine lover you know

White Wine Variety Bundle 

Sometimes you just want a glass of Pinot Grigio or Chadonnay. For the person you know that's always curled up with a favorite show and a glass of white wine, might we suggest a box of high-quality whites, carefully chosen by our Master Sommelier?

7. Because you deserve something fun too 

12 Days of Wine Bundle 

This one's perfect for gifting to, well, yourself. It comes with 12 bottles of wine and a fun holiday wine idea to pair with each bottle. Keep the good times (and good wines!) flowing all season long. 

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October 08, 2022
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