New Wine Alert: Dark Turn Petite Sirah

Bright Cellars’ Dark Turn Petite Sirah

We are excited to announce our FIRST 100% biodynamic wine, Bright Cellars’ Dark Turn Petite Sirah!

This rare red wine varietal has flavor notes of spicy black pepper, dark blackberry, and red plum, and is grown according to the lunar calendar.

Dark Turn: What Is Biodynamic Wine?

What secrets does the moon hold? It’s the key to biodynamic wine.

To biodynamic winemakers, the moon holds LOTS of secrets and power. That’s because biodynamic winemakers use the phases of the moon to guide their work. They believe that vineyards are living, breathing organisms that are connected to everything around them – including the moon, sun, and stars. When it comes to biodynamic viticulture, the vines, humans, earth, moon, and the stars are all one. It’s an holistic approach to agriculture that emphasises the importance of sustainability, and farming that has the least possible impact on the environment.

Think of it as “wine grown by the moon.” Each day of the year is meant for harvesting, plating, pruning, watering, or letting your vines rest – all according to the lunar calendar, which makes it like a horoscope for grapevines.

Our Dark Turn Petite Sirah is proudly made with 100% biodynamically sourced grapes.

Bright Cellars' Dark Turn Petite Sirah
Bright Cellars’ Dark Turn Petite Sirah

Dark Turn Petite Sirah

This rare moody varietal is known for its dark red fruit flavors and bold tannins. 

The Dark Turn Petite Sirah (peh – TEET sear – AH) has flavor notes of red plum, dark blackberry, and strong flavors of spicy black pepper. 

Petite Sirah, called “Durif” by the French, is related to the Syrah and the rare French grape, Peloursin. Petite Sirah is almost never grown anywhere outside of California. In total, there are only 10,000 acres worldwide. 

While rarely grown, this grape varietal is well-known and is loved for its dark blood red color and bold flavors. Experts believe this grape was created by botanist Francois Durif in the 1800s. It was imported to the United States in the mid-1800s where it got its new name: Petite Sirah. 

Pairing with the Dark Turn Petite Sirah

Since this wine has strong tannins you’ll want to stick to meals like grilled steak or even a slow cooker beef stroganoff. 

The spicy black pepper flavors in this Petite Sirah will go well with bold spice flavors like allspice, cloves, rosemary, and even lavender. Our favorite cheeses for Bright Cellars’ Dark Turn Petite Sirah are aged gouda or fresh mozzarella.

Add some caramelized onions on top of your grilled steak to bring out more of the Petite Sirah flavors! Or add a side of black beans or sauteed mushrooms to add an extra shot of umami flavor.

Mendocino County, California

Mendocino County, California

Jetting out from the soil in Mendocino County, California are massive red wood trees. Between 250 and 300 feet tall, redwoods act as shelter for those under its massive canopy of leaves. 

But Mendocino County, California is known for not just its giant redwoods, but also its wine. There are 13 AVAs (American wine regions) within Mendocino County, which is located on the northwestern coast of California, slightly north of the hilly city of San Francisco. 

This California region is known for its sustainable approach to viticulture and has a large amount of organic and biodynamic wineries. The first vines were brought to the area in the 1850s.

This region is often described as foggy, cool, and moody. The perfect environment for these grapes! The area is about 82 feet above sea level, with the average temperature of 52.4. In the cooler winter months it can be pretty rainy, while in the hot summer months it is dry. The average annual rainfall is 40.5 inches. 

While the summers can get hot, the region stays relatively cool due to the ocean fog that rolls in. The fog keeps the area cool and refreshed. It also keeps the grapes from dealing with the harsh, hot sun.

Many of the vineyards are found within swooping and narrow valleys. The terrain is rocky and rugged. The coastline is some of California’s most wild and untouched coastline in the state, making this a great area to explore.

In Vino Finito

Are you curious about the darker side of the moon? Does it hold more secrets than we know? 

If you want to try our new Dark Turn Biodynamic Petite Sirah, reach out to our Sales Team at or give them a call at (844) 223-5527 to inquire about custom orders!

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