The Most Popular Ways to Buy Wine

Where do people usually buy their wine?

Wine can be sourced from many different places and sold at even more for varying prices, so we asked our Glass Half Full audience where do you buy most of your wine?


  • 42.2% of respondents said they buy wine through mail subscriptions
  • 28.5% said they purchase their wine at the grocery store 
  • 27.3% said they get their wine from a speciality wine shop 

We also asked our Bright Cellars Instagram community and got some specific responses: 

  • The liquor store!
  • Bright Cellars ????

We’re happy to see that the vast majority of our readers opt for a subscription service! For those of you heading to the grocery store, we get it. If you’re having friends over for dinner or you’ve arrived home from work only to find your wine stockpile has run dry, we give you full permission to head to the store and pick up a bottle or two.

But if the grocery or liquor stores are your main suppliers of wine, we may have some tips and tricks to share. Don’t shoot the messenger, but you’re probably overpaying for wines at the grocery store

stop overpaying for wine

There’s a Better Way

We’re a bit biased, but we always tell the facts. And the fact of the matter is, a subscription box brings many benefits to your life.

Subscription boxes save you money

Subscription boxes actually save you money because they cut out the middleman. Sure, you could always opt for a $5 bottle of Yellowtail, but that means you’re settling for less quality and also closing the door on a selection of wines far beyond the mass-produced blends you’ll find at the back of the store. 

You can’t put a price on easy delivery

In the age of the coronavirus, wine delivered right to your door is priceless. As an added bonus, no more trips to and from the car with plastic bags wrapped around your white knuckles (f you’re anything like us, you’d try to do it all in one trip!) 

Keep the variety coming

Instead of buying your favorite wine over and over again at the store, a subscription keeps things interesting. You’re constantly trying new wines to better understand what floats your boat, all the while paying group pricing for wines that would be more expensive on their own. 

Say goodbye to guesswork

If you were to randomly grab a bottle off the shelf simply based on the label (no judgements), you may bring it home only to be disappointed. When you have an algorithm like Bright Cellars’, you can say goodbye to guesswork. You can even rate your monthly wine selections so next month’s picks come back even further dialed in to your specific tastes. 



No matter where you buy your wine, we hope Bright Cellars’ can always be a go-to wine resource in your life. Cheers! 

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