Survey Results: How Do You Store Your Wine?

How do you store your wine? Maybe a wine rack? Or a fancy wine fridge? This week we asked the GHF community how they store their wine, here are the results.

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How To Store Your Wine

There are many different ways to store your wine! So, how do you store all your Bright Cellars’ wines? We surveyed the Bright Cellars employees and there were some differences! Many said that they would use a wine rack while others said their go-to spot was just simply placing their bottles on the counter or in a cupboard.

The Results

After looking at what the Glass Half Full community said we noticed there were some slight differences! Here are the results:
  • 34.2% of respondents said they are storing their wine on a wine rack.
  • 28.1% of the respondents said they’re storing their wine in a wine fridge/wine cellar.
  • 14.4% of respondents said they store their wine in a cupboard.
  • 13.0% of the respondents said they store their wine wherever they have space!
  • 8.4% of respondents are using a counter to store their wine.
  • 1.9% of respondents said they store their wine in the fridge.
As you can see the majority of respondents said they’re using either a wine rack or a wine fridge/cellar! We are just taking a guess here, but these people may be living in more suburban or rural areas, where there is a little bit more room for things like that. No matter where you're storing your wine, it's important to make sure that you’re storing it correctly! Don’t put your wine in direct sunlight, as the sun can ruin the vino in the bottle. Also try and store your wines on the side. This helps prevent the wine cork from drying out and it protects your wine from oxidation. However, if the bottle has a screw top, you can store it upright! For all of those who do not have room or access to things like a wine fridge here is how to store your wine in your super tiny and maybe overpriced apartment! We also asked our Bright Cellars Instagram community this question as well! Here are some of our favorite responses:
  • Wherever there is space, mostly I just drink it.
  • In a cup!
  • Store wine? Who is keeping wine long enough to need storage space?
  • Hand-me-down wine fridge (AKA the best kind of wine fridge)

The Instagram responses had similar results. Many of them were using a wine rack or wine fridge/cellar to store their wine!

In Vino Finito

Wine should never be stored for too long...mostly because it should be enjoyed! 
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