Wine You’ll Like Based on Your Christmas Style

What does your Christmas style say about which wine you'll like? Traditional, minimalist, whimsical - we're pairing them all with wine!

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What does your Christmas style say about what kind of wine you’ll like? How you decorate your home for the holidays can actually send you in the direction of which wine bottle to open. All we ask is that you pour yourself a glass, take in your surroundings, and reward yourself for a decorating job well done.

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Traditional Christmas

If you have an affinity for the classics, stick to the good old red and green Christmas color scheme, or believe there’s nothing quite like stockings hung by the chimney with care, you gravitate toward a traditional Christmas style. You probably have the Andy Williams soundtrack playing on a loop and appreciate the mindset, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

For those who gravitate toward traditional Christmas style, we recommend a tried-and-true Cabernet Sauvignon. Did you know Cab is the most popular wine in the world? With over 700,000 acres grown worldwide, it’s no surprise. (If you’re interested in wine trivia, check out more fun wine facts!)


Vintage Inspired Christmas

Vintage, retro, eclectic - whatever you like to call this vibe, one thing’s very clear - nostalgia is alive and well in your home. Perhaps your tree is glittering with retro car ornaments or you’re known for your mint condition Christmas village scene (complete with collectible figurines). Your vintage inspired Christmas decorations probably came from thrift stores, secondhand shops, or have been passed down from generation to generation.

As someone who has an appreciation for the past, you’ll also appreciate a good oak-aged wine. The only thing that makes wine better is time, after all. We highly recommend our top-rated Folk & Fable Red Blend. Aged in bourbon barrels for three months, this red blend is bold and smoky with warm notes of vanilla and baking spices.


Rustic Christmas

We’re dreaming of a country Christmas! If your home is clad with tree trunks, wood burned ornaments, lanterns, or burlap, your Christmas style is probably rustic. We’re imagining country style Christmas decorations, lots of natural texture, and warm browns balanced by little pops of barn red.

Pour yourself a smooth glass of Merlot - a red wine known for black cherry and chocolate flavors. Your home’s warm brown palette will pair perfectly with the chocolate notes.


Monochromatic Christmas

If you tend to stick to one color (perhaps, white, gold or silver?), you’re in store for a monochrome Christmas. You’ve probably got White Christmas or Silver Bells playing in the background as you decorate your perfectly monochrome tree. Let’s be real - your home is nothing short of a winter wonderland.

Pair your one-color Christmas with a glass of sparkling wine. Imagine a glistening glass of bubbly cast upon a backdrop of white. Definitely an Instagram moment.


Minimalist Christmas

If you’d describe your style as neutral, simple, or modern, you’d fall into the minimalist Christmas style. Sometimes a home just needs a light nudge of Christmas decor - green garland on the fireplace, a holiday pillow here and there, or a boxwood wreath on your front door.

Our minimalist friends will love a Pinot Grigio - a white wine that pairs well with pretty much anything. No frills, no overcomplication. Just the joy of a delicious white wine.


Scandinavian Christmas

Similar to minimalist style, if your home is full of muted tones, wood textures, cozy accents, and all the candles, you’re probably in the realm of Scandinavian design. Scandi style Christmas decorations give us major hygge vibes. There’s nothing like cozying up to the fireplace with a chunky knit blanket surrounded by brass candlesticks and seemingly homemade ornaments.

Embrace the European influence and pair your Nordic style Christmas decorations with an Austrian Grüner Veltiner. The herbaceous, grassy flavors will complement the greenery around your home and keep you company as you warm by the fire.


Colorful Christmas

If your style leans more toward funky, vibrant, or colorful, you’re in for a whimsy Christmas. From bold color schemes to zany decor, you bring the fun to the holidays, and everyone knows it. Instead of traditional carols, you know all the words to Sia’s Candy Cane Lane or Ariana Grande’s Santa Tell Me. (Here’s which you should drink based on your favorite Christmas song!)

It may be cliché, but a vibrant Christmas style calls for an equally pigmented wine. Open a bottle of rosé and experience the magic of a wintertime glass of pink. Have you tried our Stigma Grand Reserve Sparkling Rosé?


Coastal Christmas

First off, we’re jealous your white Christmas means white sand beaches rather than piles of snow. For our friends who live a beach lifestyle, Christmas can look a little different. Don’t worry, there’s also a place for seashells, palms, and ocean-inspired color palettes in our holiday lineup.

Easy, breezy, and reminiscent of a day at the beach, you’d enjoy a glass of Albariño. This light, zippy wine has a bit of salinity to it that nods to the seashore.

In Vino Finito

Did we miss your Christmas style? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to pair your Christmas vibe with the perfect wine!

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