How Much Money do You Usually Spend on a Bottle of Wine?

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How Much to Spend on a Bottle of Wine

A good bottle of wine doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. But if you’re into expensive wine, more power to you. So, how much money do people usually spend on a bottle of wine?

When we surveyed the Bright Cellars employees most of them fell in the $10-20 range. When asked why they thought that range, many responded that, if it’s just a normal day and there’s nothing to celebrate, they reach for an inexpensive bottle. If celebrations are in order, then they go with a more expensive bottle. 

How Much to Spend on a Bottle of Wine

The Results

How much money do you usually spend on a bottle of wine? Here are the results:

  • 77.9% of respondents said they usually spend $10-20
  • 18.3% of the respondents said they spend around $20-30. 
  • 2.8% of the respondents said that they usually spend about $30-50.
  • 0.7% of the respondents said they spend about $50-100.
  • 0.2% of respondents said they spend about $100+. 

The large majority of respondents said they are typically spending between $10-20 on their wine. But are you overpaying for your wine from the grocery store? Sadly, if you’re routinely buying wine from the grocery store, you probably are. 

A $12 wine from the grocery store usually only cost the winemaker $3 to make. So, why such a mark up? Blame the middlemen in the process. Since there are more steps the bottle of wine has to take before getting on the shelf, it’s price is higher. So, what does this mean?

It simply means that just because a wine has a higher price tag doesn’t always mean it is higher quality. It could mean that the wine had to pass a few hands before getting into yours. 

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We also asked Bright Cellars Instagram Followers this question. Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • $10-20. I’m broke lol
  • $18 – this one was very exact
  • $15 max
  • $30-50 if I am trying to impress someone, $10-20 when it’s just for me. 

In Vino Finito

At the end of the day, the wine you like is the wine you like, no matter what the price tag is! There is nothing wrong with splurging on a $50 bottle or having a budget of $10. 

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