How to Recreate a Barcelona Wine Vacation at Home

We wish we could have a plane carry us away to Spain. But recreating a Barcelona wine vacation at home will have to do instead!

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Do you wish you could snap your fingers and find yourself in Barcelona, sipping local vino at a bodega on the water? Ay, dios mio, we feel you. Here are some ways to recreate a Barcelona wine vacation at home! While you may not be able to hop on a transatlantic flight right now, you can bring the sights (and tastes) of Barcelona to you.

The next time you’re in for a staycation, why not slow things down with some Catalonian wine and tapas? Here’s how to plan your dream (at-home) Barcelona vacation.

In the Morning

  • First things first: In Barcelona, it’s customary to start the day with café con leche – AKA, strong coffee with hot, frothy milk. If you can’t whip one of these up yourself, feel free to make a Starbucks run as it’s basically the same thing as a latte.
  • When you get back, treat yourself to a virtual walking tour of the city. You can check out Barcelona’s stunning, historic architecture, hit the beach, and stroll down Las Ramblas – a famous tree-lined pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare in Barcelona – from the comfort of your couch.

In the Afternoon

  • Sit down for a long lunch. Whether you’re eating with family or on a Zoom-date with friends, lunch (or la comida) should be a social occasion. Tune into a playlist like this one to set the mood, and then make (or order in) a variety of local favorites. In Barcelona, lunch is the biggest meal of the day, and it’s not uncommon to enjoy a glass of vino along with lunch. Wine isn’t a fancy affair in Spain – it’s casual and accessible to everyone. People tend to drink local wine and Barcelona is located in Catalonia, which is home to 11 wine regions. At your Barcelona inspired lunch, feel free to pop open a bottle of Rioja, Priorat, or sparkling Cava.
  • After lunch, chill out for a bit. We’re giving this time its own bullet point because the locals take relaxation seriously. Don’t rush to clean up. Take time for sobremesa – the time you spend at the table chatting with your guests after you finish eating.
  • After lunch, take a guided tour of one of Barcelona’s world famous art museums or gardens. You can also check out the artists featured in Barcelona’s Contemporary Art Museum on Instagram.
  • When you’re ready for more vino, have an expert show you the ropes. Sign up for a virtual wine tasting at a Barcelona winery.

In the Evening

  • Before dinner, it’s customary to have an aperitivo, or specifically, to fer el vermut (which means “take a vermouth”). Vermouth is super popular in Spain, but if you’re not a fan of this fortified wine, you can always have a light glass of wine or a low-ABV cocktail instead.
  • Enjoy a light dinner of tapas and wine. In Spain, wine pairing is kept simple. You typically pair tinto (red) with meat and blanco (white) with fish. If you really want to feel like you’re in Barcelona, try drinking from a porrón – a pitcher with a spout that’s commonly used to drink wine. Simply hold the neck of the porrón, tilt the spout above your mouth, and stick your jaw slightly forward to catch the wine. Life hack: before you drink red wine (in your white shirt) from a porrón, practice with water first to avoid stains.
  • After dinner, treat yourself to a Spanish movie. There are Spanish movies in every genre that you can stream on Netflix that will make you feel you’re on an adventure in Barcelona.

In Vino Finito

Before you can get to Barcelona in person, enjoy a day of relaxation with local vino and your favorite tapas. Need help finding a wine for the occasion? Email us and we can help.
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