How to Repurpose Your Wine Bottles

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Now we know you don’t need an excuse to drink more wine, but there are plenty of cute and crafty ways for you to repurpose your old bottles once you’ve finished them. So gather up your fellow wine lovers, have a wine night and then reuse those empty bottles to vamp up your home decor.


1. Beach in a Bottle
Nothing says summer like toes in the sand…and sand in a bottle. Bring your favorite beach home with you by pouring sand, beach glass, and any other ocean ornaments you can get your hands on into an old bottle of wine. Make sure you strip off the wine’s label so your favorite ocean pieces are on full display.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can even paint the bottom half of the bottle blue to really get those beachy vibes.

2. Nautical Netting
Get nautical with knotted netting (and try saying that three times fast). It only costs a few bucks and is perfect for the back patio.


1. Terrariums
Okay, so you can catch these at your local Urban Outfitters for more than my weekly paycheck, but since any self-respecting wine lover has more than enough spare bottles around, why not make your own?  Pull out your grooviest bottle from the recycling bin and grow start growing some greens.

2. Twinkle Lights
Nothing says festive quite like twinkle lights. They (literally) brighten up any room and add just the right amount of ambiance. All you need for this adorable table piece is a small string of Christmas lights. Stick them inside the leftover bottles of merlot from girls’ night and place them on your patio so your next night under the stars will be even more picture perfect.  


1. Flower Vase
With their funky shapes and different sizes, wine bottles make for the perfect flower vases. Leave your bottle as is or strip it altogether and paint the outside. Take creative control and turn it into a gorgeous display of vases filled with fresh flowers. This project is perfect because it allows you to admire your used wine bottles longer than it took you to drink it.

2. Wind Chimes
These cute wind chimes add the right amount of flair to any outside or backyard paradise. The best part about this one is that the color scheme is totally up to you. Mix and match to make an earthy pattern or just keep it simple, it’s your call.

3. Candle & Incense Holder
Light up the back patio with good vibes and lavender incense. Customize your candles by using your glass from the past. The melted wax adds a cozy touch to your new rustic decor.


1. Self-watering planter
Time to crank things up a notch. Why not recycle AND save energy?  This sustainable self-watering planter is not only impressive but also lets you ditch the watering can!

2. Wine bottle shelf
Need a shelf to hold your wine bottles? Use…wine bottles! This unique project will make your entertainment space the coolest on the block. Select your favorite bottles and start drilling!

3. Chandelier
Light fixtures definitely cost a pretty penny. However, there’s no doubt in my mind that you can pull this one off and save yourself a big chunk of change. Wine bottle chandeliers give your home an authentic and cozy feel and are a great talking piece.

Who knew creativity and crafting paired so well with Cabernet? The next time you’re about to toss away a bottle of Rose, take a look around and see if you are in need of any DIY decor.

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