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Imagine having your own personal wine helper on hand for wine recommendations and pairings. That’s the wine magic of Bright Cellars Concierge!

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Imagine this: You sit down to enjoy a homemade meal after a long work day, and you know exactly which wine to enjoy with it. Or you throw a party and everything has a wine pairing served alongside it. Maybe you host book club and your friends are impressed by how well the wine and cheese go together. This is the wine magic of Bright Cellars Concierge. They can help with all of the above. 

Between our unique palate quiz and our dedicated Wine Concierge team, Bright Cellars offers personalized recommendations that lead to wines you'll love. Here are a few reasons you should work with your Wine Concierge for the best possible Bright Cellars experience: 

1) Learning is power 

Wine tasting is very nuanced and can be a tad overwhelming. Luckily, we have the in-house expertise to handle the ins and outs of complex flavors, new styles, and little-known regions.

2) Your concierge will be an experienced wine professional 

Our Wine Concierge team is full of experienced wine lovers who are eager to assist you on your wine journey. Concierge enjoys weekly wine tastings where our in-house somms take a deep dive into Bright Cellars wines. Because our concierges are so close to Bright Cellars wines, they are able to give stellar recommendations month after month. Some of our current Wine Concierge Team favorites include Grasp + Grabble Tempranillo, Cabin 5 Primitivo, and Dead Stars & Black Holes Pinot Grigio. 

3) They're committed to going above and beyond for you

At Bright Cellars, we pride ourselves on being ready and available to assist our members. In the past, our concierge team has gone above and beyond to make sure members have the ultimate wine experience. Need recommendations for this weekend’s dinner party? We’re happy to help. Want to host a virtual wine tasting with friends and family? We can make it happen. Looking to source wine for an upcoming wedding or event? We can help with that too.

The Concierge team is the Swiss army knife of Bright Cellars. They are the perfect on-deck, versatile tool for wine pairings. Because they’re so knowledgeable about every wine we send out in our boxes, they’re dedicated to helping you understand the complex taste profile of the wine as well as the story behind it.

4) Wine expertise is just a message away

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of a personalized group of wine experts, eagerly awaiting your call?

Our Wine Concierge Team is ready, waiting, and willing to help you explore the world of wine, so don’t hesitate to shoot them an email at or give them a call at (844) 223-5527.

Ask for food and wine pairing recommendations, request new Bright Cellars wines in your box, or simply chat about what you’re up to this weekend. I swear, we want to hear it all!

In Vino Finito

If you’re not a Bright Cellars’ member, be sure to take our quiz and get started with personalized recommendations based on our advanced algorithm.

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